What Could You Achieve With More Confidence!

Martin Perry - Confidence Coaching, Sports PsychologyThey say that confidence is important. I disagree. It’s more than that. Much more. It’s the difference between success and failure.

When you have this magical ingredient called confidence, your performance flows. You don’t have to think about what you are doing. It all comes naturally. You wish it could be like this everyday. You are totally at ease within yourself. You can’t wait for tomorrow. Success follows success. You feel like you are in the zone.

  • It’s a goal-keeper who feels unbeatable…
  • A team who feel they are going to win every game
  • A golfer who senses they are going to hole every putt…
  • A leader who inspires their team to greatness…
  • A tennis player who exudes the confidence that they can hit winners off every shot…
  • A snooker player who can see the ball going in the pocket before he has even hit it!

However, that experience of quiet euphoria doesn’t last forever. It can get overlaid by uncertainty or doubt. Habits can develop that prevent us from fully liberating our individual and collective personal brilliance.

We can lose our sense of purpose and direction. We can doubt ourselves, lose our self-worth and miss the chance to engrave our names on the rock of sporting history. We say we have lost our confidence. But what does that really mean?

The Good News…

Confidence Booster BookMy name is Martin Perry and I am the author of the best selling book The Confidence Booster Workout.  My work as a Confidence Coach, is to empower individuals to reconnect to their natural confidence. I bring a strong sense of belief in the uniqueness of each person and what that person may be able to achieve in their sport.

My belief, allied with 16 years rich experience in coaching others, combined with your hunger, desire, and willingness to change can take you to new, inspired levels of self-belief and confidence.

You will feel renewed, refreshed and re-invigorated. It will be just like starting over. Things do not need to be how they are. Change is in the air. Go with your instincts. It’s time to break free of the shackle of doubts!

In The Presence Of Confidence Doubt Cannot Exist…

aaron ramsey fa cupThe aim of my work with you is not just to fix a confidence problem. Sure that may be where we start. But ultimately I want to help you experience the power of playing with supreme confidence. It’s the place where your talent and results come together.

When you have supreme confidence you feel unbeatable. It’s the experience champions have when they completely tuned into their game. They don’t speak publically about it. Because they don’t want to reveal their secrets. But most magic moments in sport come out from the place of supreme confidence. These are the moments that last forever. And I can help take you there.

When you have supreme confidence, doubt doesn’t exist. You have complete trust in yourself and your game. You are totally in the moment. Seeing everything clearly. Anticipating what will happen next. Relaxed and quietly focused. In a heightened state of concentration. And doing things you may not have known were possible. Are you up for it?

Helping Nike Re-Imagine The Future

NikeRecently industry giant Nike approached me, to ask if I would be willing to help them re-imagine the future of football. Help them to see what they could not yet see. The patterns; the trends; the future.

Insights that would enable them to be ahead of the rest. Even when you are at the top of your game like Nike, you have to keep investing in innovative ways to keep moving forward.

So even if you are already good at what you do, the levels of confidence that you have today, can be deepened, strengthened and made even more potent. It’s an attitude that will help you become the dominant presence in your field!

What worked or was good enough yesterday, will not necessarily be good enough today or tomorrow. Habits and behaviours that have got you to where you are, may not be good enough to get you to where you want to go next. Don’t let the moment pass. Be strong. Be honest with yourself. Let’s create a different future for you together!

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