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This Sports Psychology blog comes as Andy Murray beats Juan Martin Del Potro in the first round of the Rome Masters.

Tennis: Andy Murray - The Edge

Andy Murray - Tennis Professional

So Andy Murray is through to the second-round of the Rome Masters.  After the match, Murray revealed that, during an ill-tempered encounter, South American Del Potro, had been insulting to Murray's mother, Judy. Inspiring the Scotsman, to produce his best tennis of the match.

Edge is critical to a top performer. It's why John McEnroe went out of his way to upset people. He needed that internal anger, to take his game to another level. Most of the very top sports professionals have internal 'issues' that drive them.

Be it a school-teacher who said you will never amount to anything; the press writing you off; a fellow professional or ex-professional disrespecting you; experiencing the lows of life; overcoming the odds. Providing you with points to prove. A focus for your energy. A desire to show others how wrong they were about you.

Without that focus, the daily routine and grind of the professional circuit, can anaesthetise motivation. Andy Murray will be hoping more of his fellow professionals, take a dislike to him or Judy. That they disrespect him. For with his talent aligned to a powerful sense of purpose and desire, he can become a top player.

Talent alone is never enough. It must be connected to a burning desire, a will to succeed, that will help you overcome the toughest obstacles. Tennis professionals can make excellent livings from the game. But that is never enough for the very best players.

They are driven to get to the top of their profession. And to stay there for as long as possible. Yesterday in Rome, one of Andy Murray's drivers was triggered. That was his love and respect for his mother, Judy. Disrespect disrespect me.

To really breakthough into tennis's elite, he will need to trigger more of those inner fires and core values.







Posted by Martin Perry : Confidence Coach & Sports Psychology - 6th May 2008
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