Martin Perry’s Motivational Seminars For Business Teams & Leaders…

Are Tough Targets and Demanding Work-Loads De- Motivating You & Your People?

Martin Perry - Confidence Coaching, Sports PsychologyThese are tough times for business. You have to deliver results, whilst keeping both yourself and the work-force motivated, focused and confident.

Perhaps you think that taking the team out of the office for half a day, will impact on the monthly outcomes. That there is simply no time to stop. You must keep working flat-out. But are you getting the outcomes you want?

Sometimes you have to stop. Pause. Reflect. Look at what you are doing and how you are doing it. And ask yourself – is there a better way we can get results?

From my sixteen years experience in sport and business, I have created an original seminar designed to help leaders and teams raise motivation levels, increase team dynamics, boost work-place confidence and of course increase profitability.

Seminars can be delivered at events such as annual management conferences, executive board briefings and in-company workshops.

The Twelfth Player – How To Create A Motivated, Confident And United Team!

The Twelfth Player

Teams can be challenging. You might have a group of talented individuals. But are they all working together towards the same goal?

Or are individual agendas holding sway? Leading to cliques; divisions, arguments and people doing their own thing.

You, as a leader, sense that something is not right. But you just don’t know what to do about it! You can see it in the small details.

This inter-active seminar, loaded with easy to understand stories and insights, will reveal how to build a successful, high-performing team. And more importantly, how not to do it!

If your team are under-performing, de-motivated and are needing to be re-inspired about what they do and how they do it, then The Twelfth Player seminar is designed to get them right back on track!

 What They Say About Martin’s Seminars…

Motivational Seminars“Martin Perry is a master of his art. He is unique within British industry. He describes himself as being the lighted match thrown into firework factory of ideas and imagination and creativity that exists within every workplace.

In my experience, Martin possesses the wit, courage and ability to make the spectacular happen and to release the untapped potential that we all possess both as individuals and within teams.

“I would encourage anyone reading this to extend an invite to Martin, share your challenge, light the blue touch paper and then stand well back and enjoy the show!” Damian Hughes: Head of HR, Unilever Europe

Delivery Options…

There are a range of delivery options, to suit different organisational needs.

Option One: A Lunchtime Session: Sixty to ninety minutes during the lunch-break. Guaranteed to motivate the work-force and leave them wanting more.

Also this shorter format allows a taster into process, thus reducing financial risk if budgets are tight.

Option Two: A Morning/Afternoon Session: A half-day day workshop format. Leaving time in the day to get work done, with the bonus of a thought-provoking seminar to raise energy and motivation levels.

Again reduces risk, or can be used in conjunction with another team based or leadership process.

Option Three: A Full Day: A day away from the office. Allows the team uninterrupted time to get together and get perspective on the critical issues that have been holding them back.

Leaving time to see the way forward as they absorb the key lessons from this content and insight-rich day.

So How Can You Re-Invigorate You & Your Team?…

arrow_6My Motivational Business Seminars will help you and your team deliver results. I understand why things go wrong with teams and leaders. And I know how to get you back on track.

So if you get the feeling your business success depends on my kind of wisdom, experience and insights, I strongly urge you to act now to avoid disappointment.

Look, I know that you have probably spent a lot of money, trying to resolve your problems with your business. Maybe not seen much real improvement. And you are probably reluctant to throw a lot more cash, at the problem. I absolutely understand that. That’s why every seminar I deliver, is designed to specifically meet the exact needs of your business.

I will talk through with you at length the challenges you are experiencing. And precisely what messages you want my seminar to deliver.

Lets Get Your Business Back On Track With Motivational Business Seminars…

I have been studying the secrets of teams and leadership for over 24 years. There are very few people based challenges, that I have not encountered and resolved.

Remember – you could wait and hope that by magic, your results improve. That somehow things will get better. But experience tells me that rarely happens. There is a reason why you have things are not going as they should. The sooner we get started, the faster you and your team will be back to their best.

Here’s The Next Step…

telephone_ff0000If you would like to take your business and team to the next level and start delivering great results, then all you have to do is call me on 077897 56425.

You can ask me any question you like about The Motivational Seminars and how they will benefit your business.

Every seminar I deliver, is designed to specifically meet the needs of your business. Meaning that the content will be tailored against the real challenges you and your people are facing right now.

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