How One Seminar Transformed A Business!

His Leadership Managers Smirked When He Said He Was Bringing In A Confidence Coach. But When They Made Over £1m In Operating Profit… He Had The Last Laugh… And The Champagne!

Motivational Business SeminarsMartin Winter was watching TV one evening when he had an idea. On the box was the enthralling BBC Horizon documentary on Sven Goran Eriksson.

How the Swede had engineered an amazing 5-1 England World Cup win over Germany in Munich, with a simple psychological concept called Dare To Lose To Win.

Martin was one of those smart managers, who was always seeking the edge. A manager open to new ideas and approaches. The vital 1%’s that make the small, but critical differences.

Martin was keen to know how the Dare To Lose To Win concept could rub off on his under-performing managers. And he wanted me to explain it all.

The Leadership Team Had Become Fearful Of Making Mistakes…

Motivational SeminarsSo that is how I found myself in Skegness Butlin’s, one September afternoon. Talking to thirty of the UK’s top night-club managers, on how fear of failure undermines talent and ability.

These managers were hungry for knowledge. Hungry to learn how to improve. Keen to discover how they could overcome the fear of failure. And make more profit!

Fear of failure that had infiltrated the culture at Luminar Leisure PLC. Luminar had a market value at the time of £30m. They were one of the largest late-night operator in the UK. Which shows that even the biggest of companies are not afraid to ask for help.

But, Luminar’s managers had become fearful of making mistakes. Fearful in case they lost the company money. Fearful of their jobs.

But this inhibition and caution, was limiting innovation and ideas. And the late night entertainment industry, thrives off the currency of new ideas. Without fresh ideas, you are simply copying what everyone else is doing. And that is no way to stay ahead of the competition, is it?

Winners Hate To Lose But Are Not Afraid To Lose

The talk that afternoon at Butlin’s was a success. I carefully explained how winners hate to lose, but are not afraid of losing. I demonstrated how the sense of fear is always much worse than the actual failure! I showed how England hammered Germany 5-1, motivated by the psychological concept of Dare To Lose To Win.

Simply put, if your team has 100% of possibility, then if it is underachieving, it is because it is only using a maximum of 60% of that possibility. So where does the other 40% go? Well 20% is reserved for fear of failure. And the other 20% is reserved for fear of success!

The key to liberate the unused potential of your team, is to start by releasing 20% of the fear of failure. In other words, to take away the pressure of failing. That is what Sven successfully did, when England put Germany to the sword that September night in Munich. The 5-1, was the result of the release of 20% of potential!

What could your company achieve, if we released 20% of it’s latent potential? And that is what we did, that September afternoon at Skegness Butlin’s. At the end of the session, Martin’s team no longer seemed afraid of failure. And now, critically, they had permission to tap into their entrepreneurial instincts. They left for home in buoyant and excited mood. They felt empowered!

This Target Isn’t Big Enough!

Martin invited me back to see his managers a few months later. After the Dare To Lose To Win session in Butlin’s, their confidence was high. Now they were ready for the vital next step.

At our second meeting in Luton, we wanted to agree on some collective outcomes. Targets that would be representative of the talent in the room. Talent, such as Batchwood Hall’s Peter Bell. Northampton Liquid’s Mark May. Some of the best leaders and managers in the late-night entertainment industry. And this is where our work together became very inspiring!

The managers came up with a figure, that they felt represented a good operating profit for the year. It was a decent achievable target. But crucially, one that was well within their capability.

Motivational SeminarsThen the self-confident Andy Grieve from Hemel Hempstead’s Time & Envy stood up, and said that the target that had been agreed, was not big enough. Not challenging enough. Not bold enough. Not daring enough! Andy’s intervention sent electricity crackling around the room. What was he thinking of? He was raising the bar way too high!

Yet, all the managers knew that he was right. That the target that had been set, was well inside their comfort zone. So they agreed to reset their target, based on achieving an operating profit that excited and energised them. It was way out of their comfort zone. But – they were daring to lose to win. With no fear of failure!

Let’s Make Company History!

So that is how Martin Winter’s leadership team set a daring collective target for themselves. An operating profit that had never before been achieved, in Luminar’s long and distinguished history! I went to meet up with Martin’s group of managers every month.

I introduced them to new winning mind-sets. I built their personal confidence. I told them powerful stories, of how the top sports professionals achieve sustained success. I helped them build an unbreakable team-spirit.

With each month, I saw Martin’s leadership team grow in confidence and self-belief. They were no longer jealous of each others success. Worried that another’s success, would show them in a poor light. No – now, they saw a success for one manager, as a success for all. They shared knowledge. They shared insights. They offered each other support.

In short they became a team. But, importantly, without compromising their individuality. And success became contagious!

The Operating Profit Is Smashed!

At the end of the financial year, the operating profit was counted up. And Martin Winters group of managers, had broken all records. They had made over £1m in operating profit. The first area to do so in the history of Luminar Leisure!

That night in Luton, as the managers toasted their collective success, they laughed at the moment when Martin Winter said that he was going to bring in a Leadership Coach. They were still laughing. But now with happiness, not cynicism, as they ordered more champagne from the bar!

It was no surprise that Martins team did so well. They were a talented group, who had been under-performing. Not through lack of ability. But because of fear of failure. Once that fear was removed, their talent and ability shone through!

They Even Made Their Own Movie!

Once all the other managers at Luminar Leisure, heard what was happening with Martin’s team, they all wanted me to work with them. Which I did. And we had great success. But Martin’s team still set the benchmark for the rest to follow.

They became a company within the company, even making their own movie, previewed in front of all the staff at Hemel Hempstead Odeon, about the vibrant and positive culture they had created. And it all began one afternoon in Butlins, Skegness!

Here’s The Next Step..

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