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telephone_ff0000The phone call came first thing Monday morning. Rebecca’s tone of voice told me everything. Rebecca is an a Management Role at a Financial Services Company. Experienced. Conscientious. Good at her job.

She had been brewing on things over the week-end. And finally decided that enough was enough. Rebecca was clearly anxious. And it soon became clear why. It was a provocative text that tipped the balances.

Rebecca had been feeling the pressure building at work for a while now. Things had been really starting to get to her. Not just the intense workload piling up on her desk. But the terrible over-bearing attitude of the senior management.

Never having a good or positive word to say. Always finding faults. Picking up on tiny mistakes. Frankly, she felt awful…

How Can I Get My Confidence Back?…

Martin Perry - Confidence Coaching, Sports Psychology

My email-box is filled on a weekly basis, with enquires from good people like Rebecca. They want the answer to one of the great riddles.

‘I have lost my confidence. How can I get it back. ASAP! Radio Five Live and Sky News contact me on a regular basis, to explain to the viewers the emotional challenges that people are experiencing in the work-place in these demanding times.

For the last twenty four years, I have been researching confidence…what it is…where it goes when we lose it…how to regain it. Studying the best-kept secrets of the worlds most confident people.

From my perspective, confidence is not an enigma at all. I now coach and lecture around the world, on the subject. My book The Confidence Booster Workout has sold over 150,000 copies, and been translated into 5 languages.

I help hard-working people like Rebecca, who turn to me to help rebuild their confidence. I know why people lose confidence…and more importantly how to get it back.

The Boss Never Said An Encouraging Word!

So – back to Rebecca. A new boss had been brought in to run her department. Coincidentally, around the time Rebecca’s problems began. He was desperate to make a big impression. Keen to smash already hard to achieve targets. And his management style was appalling. Never said an encouraging word. Always looking for faults in people. Criticising.

He thought it kept people on their toes. Rebecca was sensitive. She hated it. Anyway, the previous day, in front of the whole office, the boss had badly criticized Rebecca in front of her staff. And as she drove home that night she began to cry. This had never happened before. Ever. Rebecca was tough. But this was getting too much.

Then the next day, as she was trying to relax and enjoy her week-end, a text came in from the boss. Yes, on her day off. A text that was simply loaded with assumption and pressure.

She was upset but not surprised. She had seen it coming. That was the straw that broke the camels back. And why Rebecca called me, at seven fifteen on a Saturday night.

Amanda Had Got Her Confidence Back…

arrow_6She’d been given my name by Amanda, a friend from a previous job, whom I helped last year. Amanda had lost her confidence in a similar work-place based situation, but after working with me for three months she gradually rebuilt it, and is now happier then ever.

Rebecca was at a very low ebb. We chatted for about half an hour or so. Or rather Rebecca talked and I listened. She was looking for support from someone outside of the friends and family network. Someone that could see things clearly and get to the heart of the matter.

I listened to her story. How she, as a naturally confident woman, was now always doubting herself, and beating himself up. It wasn’t just work. It was now impacting on her self-esteem and her relationship. She once loved her job, but was now starting to dread the thought of coming into work.

I told her to get an early night, and I agreed to speak to on Monday.

Rebecca’s Confidence Starts To Grow…

So Rebecca and I spoke on Skype on the Monday. We talked for a couple of hours. She had become very anxious. The stress of work was wearing her down. She really appreciated the fact, that she had found someone who she could talk too, who understood her situation.

Said that it was the first time in ages, that he had felt positive about things. She told me about the negative atmosphere at work. How her confidence was being eaten away by the new boss.

About the overbearing pressure he was imposing on her, to work long hours and take on more work. Even though she was already over-loaded. About the difficulty she felt in standing up to him and saying no, in case it jeopardised her job.

Slowly her confidence started to grow. I gave her strategies to cope with the negativity, pressure and expectancy around her. I was there to support her. Encourage her. Believe in her. Which was critical given the fragile nature of her confidence.

Rebecca And The Boss Clear The Air…

I encouraged her to talk things through with her boss. Helped her find the courage to stand up to him. Explain how his over-bearing manner was de-motivating, and counter-productive.

Of course that was a big challenge for Rebecca. Saying difficult things to senior, arrogant people is not easy. But she did it. And it made a massive difference. Both in letting the boss know how he was coming across. And in helping Rebecca tap into a previously un-discovered courage!

Speaking to the boss was a massive turning point for Rebecca. It lifted her confidence and gave her strength. It changed the work-place dynamic. Saying tough things to senior people is not easy. But it can be done!

Note: Confidence gives you the inner strength to tackle life’s challenges. It enables you to tap into the power, qualities, attitudes, that already exist within you. My job is to help you find that confidence. When you have it, all will be well in your world!

Here are just a few examples of others that I have successfully helped rebuild their confidence in the last year:

  • An experienced CEO struggling with share-holder pressure and demands to deliver profit
  • A new Head Of Department trying to stay positive in the face of sustained pressure from the top
  • A previously successful Sales Professional under-pressure to deliver results…
  • An over-whelmed Team Leader finding it hard to stay motivated…
  • A team of Admin Staff having to deal with overwhelm and negativity…
  • A shy Supervisor finding it hard to speak out at team-meetings…
  • Many Self-Employed entrepreneurs trying to stay afloat and generate new business…

Don’t Let These Difficult Times Eat Away At Your Confidence…

So that’s some examples of who will benefit from the coaching. And here are some others who have experienced the power of Confidence Coaching.

Look What They Have To Say..

raving fansIt was a wonderful experience. You certainly are a master coach, in your content, delivery and encouragement of participants, to name but a few of your coaching skills’. Margaret Walkden – Manchester

‘You’ve got a lovely, gentle manner and a great honesty. Your concepts are fresh and different enough to mean that we all look at an old issue in a different way’. Sarah Litvinoff – London

‘I loved your coaching: welcoming, inclusive, inspirational. I liked your down to earth, personal examples and particularly enjoyed them being about the inner game of confidence, rather than external achievements. You are just the right person to be doing this work‘. Sally Kent – London

‘This was the best coaching workshop I’ve been on. Your level of professionalism and keeping the class flowing, was helpful. I wish all programmes could be led this way!‘ John Devine – Illinois, USA.

This was an extraordinary and beautiful piece of work and reflects your spiritual/soulful and poetic approach to the field of excellence. Thanks for all your stories and insights. I wish you every success imaginable. Lee Walker – New Jersey, USA

‘I found the coaching session stimulating, relevant and of immediate practical use. Some of my attitudes have shifted and I feel freer. You have a wonderful way of putting powerful concepts into accessible and memorable language. I now feel more confident in the value of my work and in charging substantial amounts for it’. Resli Costabell – London.

‘You are warm, wise and a total sweetheart – now THAT’S a powerful combination! The confidence coaching programme was just sensational…you got people to think, feel and participate…WOW! I’ll never forget how great it felt to hear the exact words that empower me said out loud. I was floored by the whole experience. Thanks, thanks, thanks!’ Suzee Ebeling – Florida, USA

‘You put on one of the best coaching classes that I have taken. Much of what you said I already knew, but you put it in a new perspective for me. Thank you for that. As this course was so very good, I’ll be on the lookout for other courses you lead’. Mike De Bruyn – New York, USA

‘Thank you for a very rewarding coaching session. You were very empathic and I did not feel overwhelmed, as many ‘super-confident’ people can make me feel inadequate. You have a very special gift to give to others, you are able to support people to make a real difference to the quality of their lives’. Sam Bishop-Jones, London

OK, So What Do You Do Next?…

asterisk_2If you have never experienced Confidence Coaching before, then I strongly recommend you try it. The value that you will get, in terms of the instant boost to your personal confidence, is pretty limitless really. You will walk away from the first call, with a instant confidence boost. That is guaranteed.

So – here’s an opportunity to get the coaching process moving immediately.

Please write a response to each of these questions, then send it using the ‘Start Coaching’ button at the end of the form. You will then receive an invitation from me, for your FREE Confidence Coaching session.

This is a NO OBLIGATION session, that allows you to experience the power of Confidence Coaching.

Remember – You could wait and hope that by magic, your confidence returns. But experience suggests that rarely happens. There is a reason why you have lost your confidence. The sooner you get started, the faster you will be back to your confident best.

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