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Sports Psychology Report - The Brain Of The Perfect Football Manager

9: The Man Of Principle

This type of manager will fight injustice and risk failure or public humiliation. They have very clear beliefs, standards and ideals which they champion at all times. Compromise is alien to them, even when butting up against authority or when they are wrong. They have sternly defined ideologies and will not tolerate deviation from the principles encapsulated by them.

The Manager: Brian Clough

cloughie"If God had meant football to be played in the air he would have put grass on the clouds," said the mercurial Clough, succinctly explaining his football philosophy. His playing career cut short by a broken leg he channeled his thwarted ambition into coaching.

His style was socialist, bizarre. Unique. But it worked because he had found a way to motivate his men. As Martin O'Neill said, 'As a player I was terrified of him most of the time, but I'll tell you something, he was a man who, when you felt you couldn't run any more and that your heart was about to burst, you put in your last ounce of endeavour for.'

He brought unprecedented success to Nottingham Forest and Derby County and many feel he would have been the ideal coach for England; except those at the FA, for whom he would have had to work. He was natural leader, both brash and kind in equal measure. And if his players were always unsure of him, then so much the better. Clough's view was, 'If I had an argument with a player we would sit down for twenty minutes, talk about it and then decide I was right!'


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