The Twelfth Player (How To Create A United Team)

Give Me Three Hours With Your Team And I Will Show You How To Stop Destructive Cliques, Unresolved Conflicts & Mis-Trust Undermining Their Success!

The Twelfth Player

A great team is something special. It’s the magical feeling of everyone working towards a common purpose. The energy is positive. Team-members want each other to succeed. People go the extra mile on behalf of the group.

There is a sense of not wanting to let each other down. People are able to speak honestly and openly without fear of reprisals. Confidence is sky-high, and people are motivated to come to work in the morning.

Leading to a focused and committed work-force, working to the best of their capability. So why it is so difficult to create a special team?

Do You Sense A Problem Brewing Within Your Team?

Teams can be challenging. You might have a group of talented individuals. But are they all working together towards the same goal? Or are individual agendas holding sway? Leading to cliques; divisions, arguments and people doing their own thing.

You, as a leader, sense that something is not right. But you just don’t know what to do about it! You can see it in the small details.

  • Timekeeping is sloppy
  • Lots of unspoken things remain unsaid…
  • Results are inconsistent
  • Attitudes and behaviours are poor…
  • The mood and morale around the place feels not right

And profits start to suffer! You think you have a talented group on your hands. But why don’t results match potential?

Why Does Your Team Behave In The Way That It Does?

Creating a high-performance team is not a fluke or stroke of luck. I can show you, in one afternoon, or full day seminar, exactly what you need to do to transform your teams fortunes.

Show you step by step, how to put everything in place to create that successful team. These critical insights will also help you instantly understand why your team behaves in the way it does. So…

  • Why some insiders actually want your team to fail...
  • Why destructive cliques form inside a group…
  • Why leaders fail to notice the subtle signs that indicate your team is heading off track
  • Why teams get stuck in the comfort zone…
  • Why success is not a indicator of further success

This information is critical to understanding why teams fail and what you can do about it.

To help you overcome the negative influences that impact on your team, The Twelfth Player seminar will draw on a wide range of lessons, insights and strategies from the world of sport and business. Here are just a few:

1: Enemies Within – The Team Is In Big Trouble…

Business SeminarsThis is when divisive forces are at play in the team. Power struggles are being played out, and individuals or cliques are scheming, perhaps to see others fail.

The leaders energy is spent managing problems, and the culture appears to be paralysed by politics. Individuals are frightened to express opinions out of fear.

Negative influences are destroying team morale. It might all seem hopeless and impossible. But resolving the issue of Enemies Within can be a catalyst that takes the team forward, and the Twelfth Player seminar will explain exactly how to do this.

2: Team Mates As Rivals – Politics, Back-Biting and Jealousy…

Motivational SeminarsThe signs of when destructive rivalry is a play in the team are many. There are unresolved conflicts. People are only comfortable offering ideas on a one to one basis.

The team-members feel their contribution doesn’t count. Broken promises from leadership negate trust. People feel like they are working in isolation, and a negative blame culture holds sway.

It’s noticeable that team-members are jealous of each others success. It all feels dysfunctional, and conformity prevents new ideas being put forward.

A culture where whatever people do isn’t good enough. Mistakes are highlighted, leading to insecurity and a constant fear of getting things wrong.

When rivalry disrupts a team, then action must be taken, or it can develop into a permanent feeling that things won’t change. The Twelfth Player seminar will show how to turn a negative blame culture into a constructive, supportive team.

3: Colleagues – Everyone Gets On, But…

Business SeminarsThis is a culture where things gets done, but there is no thanks or appreciation for good work.

There is a focus on weaknesses not strengths. Everyone does as they are told, but there is no encouragement of new initiatives.

There are consequences for mistakes, leading to an ultra-cautious approach. There is a lack of open discussion about problems. There is no big picture to guide ideas. People don’t want to disturb the status quo, and things are left unsaid.

The working culture doesn’t allow the talent in people to shine. Fear holds sway, as people darent take risks in case they make a mistake! Thus the group operate inside their comfort zone. And don’t back themselves!

When a Colleagues based dynamic holds sway in the team, results may be ok, but there is a strong sense that outcomes should be better.

The Twelfth Player seminar will explain exactly how to recognise a Colleagues based culture, and show you how to take the group to the next level.

4: Friends – A Happy Working Culture, But Is Group-Think Holding Sway?

Business SeminarsA Friends working culture, shows in a good family atmosphere where people get on. There is a good degree of trust, and a decent team morale, but the people can feel unchallenged, as no one wants to upset anyone.

Group-Think can hold sway, leading to decisions by committee. Strong individuals can feel hemmed in, as people daren’t challenge anyone else, for fear of rocking the boat.

A Friends team dynamic will deliver good results, but can the team achieve more, and if so how?

5: The Band of Brothers – A Team In The Zone (The Twelfth Player)

Motivational SeminarsThis is the holy grail for any team. A collective unity that leads to outstanding outcomes.

When the team is in the zone, there is a ‘buzz’ around the place. Everything feels possible.

Team-members feel like they are part of something special, and high energy levels overspill from person to person.

Leadership of a Band Of Brothers team is made easier, because of the levels of responsibility everyone takes for team outcomes.

The Twelfth Player seminar will show you how to put the building blocks in place that lead to a Band Of Brothers style high performance team.

A Strong Team Is Critical In Times Of Change…

We are in times of change. The people at the top are demanding results. Targets are getting tougher. That’s why it’s critical to have a united, focused, motivated team that is working together. Get the inner dynamics of the team right, and the results will follow!

The Seven Key Lessons From The Twelfth Player Seminar…

This highly inter-active seminar will show you:

1: How to motivate de-motivated staff…

2: How to create a more united team, unified around a common cause

3: How to transform the back-biting, in-fighting and cliques that create a negative mood and atmosphere…

4: The key ways to create higher energy and buzz around the place, as everyone feeds off each others success…

5: How to build confidence, so that people taking more ownership for team outcomes, rather than leaving it to someone else…

6: How to ensure that team-members feel that their contribution to the business matters!

7: The key mistakes that leaders make in failing to get the best of of their team

Do You Want To Build A United, Focused, Motivated Team?

The Twelfth Player Seminar is perfect for teams and organisations, that strive to be united. Where all the talent is directed towards the One Vision. One Mission. One goal.

Important Note: Whilst this seminar draws principally from the lessons of sport, it is not critical for your staff to love sport to get maximum benefit from the seminar. The stories will be explained in such a way, that the lessons are easy to follow, understand and implement in the business at any level.

A Strong Team Is Critical In Times Of Change…

Motivational SeminarsWe are in times of change. The people at the top are demanding results. Targets are getting tougher. That’s why it’s critical right now to have a united, focused, motivated team that is working together. Get the inner dynamics of the team right, and the results will follow!

This seminar is called ‘The Twelfth Player’, because when a team is united, joined in purpose towards a common goal, it feels like the team has extra power, energy and belief. In other words, an extra player. Thus The Twelfth Player.

Lets Get The Transformation Started…
The Twelfth Player seminar will help you rebuild the confidence, morale, motivation and focus of your under-performing team.

What If…

  • You knew how to help your under-performing team translate talent into results. What outcomes would now be possible?
  • Your team is subject to internal politics and back-biting, and you were shown how to create a collective unity. What difference would this make to staff morale?
  • You removed the Quiet Suppression that prevents people speaking their minds. How would this help staff confidence?
  • You liberated your team from fear of failure and created a bold, fearless, lets make things happen culture. Would this increase staff motivation?
  • Your personal leadership liberated the talent in your team. What would this do to your self-esteem?

So if you get the strong feeling your teams results and development depends on this seminar, I strongly urge you to act now.

Here’s The Next Step…
telephone_ff0000If you would like to take your team to the next level and start delivering great results, all you have to do is call me on 077897 56425. You can ask me any question you like about The Twelfth Player and how it will benefit your team.

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