Martin Perry – Sports Psychology

I’m Martin Perry. I have studied the secrets of confidence for the last twenty four years, and my personal coaching, books and workshops have helped many people take their confidence to another level.

Recent PR & Media activities include:

  • Geordie OG (2020) Featured in two episodes of MTV’s popular reality TV show, as sports psychologist to Aaron Chalmers
  • Writings On The Wall (2020) – Contributor and host of the award winning Radio 4 documentary on Superstition in Sport. Awarded a silver medal at the Al Jazeera world media awards.
  • The Olympic Channel (2017) – Featured in a documentary on how Bryony Page overcame Lost Move Syndrome to win a silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
  • The Mental Game Of Football (2016) – A short film for Middle East TV on the mental challenges of football
  • The Psychology of Snooker (2016) – A short film for Middle East TV on what makes snooker a psychological game
  • TED Talks @ Google (2015) – A short TED  style talk at Google HQ on The Secret World Of Champions
  • BT Sports (2014) – Featured prominently in the sports-based TV Channels, ‘The Psychology Of Penalties’ short film…
  • Adidas (2014) – Consultant for the Adidas 2014 World Cup campaign, on the subject of penalty shoot-outs
  • Comet (2012) – Providing insights for the electrical retailer ahead of Euro 2012, on mens emotional connection to football
  • Number One (2011) – Consultant for Norwegian TV’s reality football show, searching for a top goal-keeper.
  • Nike’s The Future Of Football (2010) – Consultant for Nike’s research into the future of the beautiful game.
  • Brand & Gallagher (2009) – Guest sports psychologist on Russell Brand and Noel Gallagher’s controversial Talksport football show
  • The Twelfth Player (2009) – Delivering a report for Carling, the sponsors of the Carling Cup, on the effects crowds can have on the performances of football teams.
  • (2008) – Delivering an innovative and much publicised report on the psychology of coloured football boots, for the popular website
  • Shock Absorber Sports Bra (2008) – Providing key psychological insight for the leading sports bra brand Shock Absorber, into the impact correct preparation has on performance.
  • Nuts TV (2008) – Providing insight for the ‘Why Football Hurts’ football image project, on the games most evocative images.
  • Grassroot’s Coaching Mum’s (2008) – Creating a report for McDonald’s Grassroots Coaching Programme, on the qualities critical to being a successful Grassroot’s Mum.
  • EA Sports Tiger Woods 08 (2007) – Providing local and national radio interviews, on the importance of visualisation in sports success.
  • Tabloid Tales (2006) – Providing sports psychologist insight on football hardman Vinnie Jones, for BBC’s new Tabloid Tales series.
  • The Brain Of The Perfect Football Manager (2005) – Creating a sports psychology report on the psychological make-up of the perfect manager’s brain, for Codemaster’s popular video game League Manager 2006, with media follow-up.
  • Celebrations! (2005) – Creating a much publicised report on the psychology of goal-scoring celebrations, for Barclay’s Spaces For Sport project.
  • The Urban Driving Survival Course (2005) – Providing stress free tips for driving, in association with Jam Jar Cars and Channel Five’s Vicki Butler Henderson.
  • Coaching Types (2005) – A sports psychology report on the coaching styles of top football managers, for the McDonald’s Grassroots Football Programme.
  • On The Couch With Dr. Martin (2003 – Present) – The monthly sports psychology column in the UK’s best selling sports magazine, 442.
  • Inside The Mind (2003) – Expert sports psychologist witness on the Channel Four documentaries, ‘Inside The Mind Of Roy Keane’, and ‘Inside The Mind Of Paul Gascoigne’.
  • The Times (2003) – Sports psychology columnist for The Game, The Times football supplement, including the January 2003 front cover, The Talk Of The Touchline.
  • Premiership Plus (2002) – Guest sports psychologist on the Sky Sports Premiership Preview show.
  • Wrigley’s Smile Coach (2002) – Providing analysis of the unique smiles, of many top UK showbiz and sports personalities.
  • Celebrity Big Brother (2002) – Guest body language consultant on Channel Four’s RISE, analysing the behaviour of the celebrity housemates.

Some Key Business Projects…

  • Cultural Catalyst (2005 – 2007) – Designing and delivering cultural change programmes at the flagship Unilever Port Sunlight factory, Liverpool.
  • Director Of Theatre (2003 – 2006) – Chicago Rock Cafe Brand Academy. Devising and delivering customer service and leadership training, for all Managers and staff of the Chicago Rock Cafe estate.

And Books…

Confidence Booster Book

The Confidence Booster Workout (2003) – Published by Hamlyn’s, a self-help guide to building confidence and defeating doubt.

Currently sold 200,000 copies world-wide, and translated into six languages.