Tennis Psychology: Novak Djokovic – Disrespect Me!

novak djokovic tennis psychologyIt’s post-match on Wimbledon’s Centre Court. And Novak Djokovic is conducting the on-court interview after dispatching Dane Holger Rune, emphatically, in straight sets.

And Novak is taking no prisoners, as he openly accuses sections of the crowd of disrespecting him.

It’s irrelevant as to whether or not the crowd or shouting ‘Ruuune’ or booing.

Either way it’s got Novak fired up and for the Dane it’s bad news.

Novak is one of the bets of all time of being able to go to a deep place when he feels the presence of adversity.

In the way that Michael Jordan would deliberately disrespect an opponent to create edge.

Or Jose Mourinho would create false enemies out of referees. Or rival managers to build an US v Them mentality.

The Them representing the threat to the success of the US.

The presence and threat of the Them creates a powerful focus for the US.

The Them have a name. A Face. A Motive. And in the group you do not want to be the one who lets the US down. And the Them win.

And it’s the same for Novak. He can hear The Them. Smell them.

To him they are weak. Unknowing. judgemental.

They hold no respect for his 24 Grand Slams.

They have no idea what it has taken to be the world’s best.

No idea of the sacrifice. The will. The desire.

No idea how deep he has to dig.

So yes. come on, disrespect me.

For when you do, I am going to find whatever it takes to make sure you don’t go home happy.

You can boo me. But you will never beat me!


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