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Is Your Performance Being Undermined By Lack Of Confidence?

arrow_6It’s a bad feeling. The worst. You walk off, head bowed. You don’t want to meet anyone’s eye. The game has come and gone. And you have under-performed. Again.

Everyone keeps telling you that things will change. But when? And how? You might even feel like just giving up. Calling it a day. But no, you are better than that. You are determined to keep going. But things have to change.

Surely it doesn’t have to be this way? There must be an answer. There must be…

Maybe you have talent. You know it and everyone tells you so. But yet your performances don’t show it. You underperform again and again but you don’t quite know why.

It is as if you don’t quite back yourself. Are you staying in the comfort zone instead of really going for it?

You see it in those who never break through to the top level. Even though they have the same amount of raw talent as those who get to the top flight. It’s not a question of talent. It’s a question of how you think about that talent.

That belief is under the surface but it needs bringing out. Because when you believe in yourself, confidence flows and you start performing to your potential. If I can give your back your self-belief, you will feel like a winner and a champion!

But firstly let me ask you…, is your performance being undermined, by any one of these five self-defeating behaviours:

1: Your Great In Training – But Go To Pieces In Competition…

You may be great in practise. But what it comes to competition day, maybe you become inhibited. Frightened of making mistakes. Tense. Anxious. Just not feeling yourself.

Your game tightens up. You stop enjoying yourself. And yet, in the moment, you can’t put your finger on what is going wrong. Being great in practise, but under-performing in competition, is a familiar problem. But it’s a problem that is not difficult to resolve.

2: Do You Beat Yourself Up If Your Not Perfect?

Do you put yourself under pressure to be perfect? And then beat yourself up when you’re not? Perfectionism can eat away at self-confidence. The feeling that whatever you do isn’t good enough.

You don’t have to be at 10/10 to succeed. What does operating at less than 10/10 mean?

asterisk_2It means being able to consistently do the simple things well. To not try to be perfect. And, this simple strategy is guaranteed to build up your confidence.

Would you like to work in a way that is free of stress and delivers results? Where you don’t have to be perfect. How much of a relief would that be? What if you were shown that with Performance Coaching, you could deliver results at 8/10. And still be successful!

3: Do You Play With The Fear Of Making A Mistake?

In sport you are going to make mistakes. It’s part and parcel of competition. But how quickly do you put those mistakes behind you. Or do you dwell on them and let them affect your performance?

Do you have a robust process that allows you to understand why you have made a mistake, and use that to your advantage? Or do you beat yourself up when you make a mistake, and then make more mistakes because you have lost your focus?

What if Performance Coaching showed you how to play or compete without any fear of making a mistake. What would this be like for you?

4: Do You Experience Fear Of Failure or Fear Of Success? 

Have you ever been in a situation where you have the chance to score a goal? Or make a birdie at golf? But somehow you didn’t. You know you had the ability. But you were scared. In case you lost. Or in case you failed to meet expectations.

And that fear caused you to tighten. To choke. Your palms sweat. You see it all the time in penalty shoot-outs, where an experienced player hits a very tame penalty at the keeper or blazes wildly over the bar.

It’s not a good feeling when this happens, is it? You rue those missed opportunities for days and weeks afterwards. You could have won. But you didn’t.

What if you were shown how to overcome fear of failure and grasp the golden opportunities when they come your way? What if you could prepare for those moments? Would that make a difference to your game?

5: Have You Lost Your Confidence…But Are Not Sure Why Or How?

Sometimes you can be performing with good levels of confidence. Everything seems ok. And then it can all disappear. You don’t know where it’s gone. And you certainly don’t know how to get it back. It could be:

  • A heavy fall in show-jumping, trampolining, gymnastics or speedway.
  • A negative home crowd who are getting on your back in football.
  • A new coach was has come in and doesn’t know how to get the best out of you, in maybe athletics, rugby or cricket.
  • Perhaps you have hit a poor run caused by tiredness or injuries, and are trying too hard to get your form back.

Over the years I have helped hundreds of people, from the age of 8 upwards, in all sports, quickly re-discover their lost confidence. I know exactly why people under-perform. And equally important, know how to get your performance back on track. And quickly!

Are You Ready To Take The Next Steps…

arrow_1When you lose confidence, it can be very frustrating and un-nerving. Your livelihood may depend on it. You know there’s a recurring problem. But you don’t know how to fix it.

Others may say things like, ‘Keep going’, or ‘ Things will turn for you’. But when will they turn? And why will they turn? The harder you try, the worse it seems to get. Is that how it is for you?

The reason that other people’s ‘enthusiasm’ doesn’t solve the problem, is that there is probably nothing wrong with your attitude. The issue lies in your confidence.

And coaches and friends aren’t always trained, to help you turn your confidence around.

It’s simply too subtle a problem. When you lose confidence, it causes anxiety and tension. It builds self-doubt. It creates a feeling of uncertainty. You wonder if you will ever get your confidence back.

I Want You To Breakthrough… 

Martin Perry - Confidence Coaching, Sports PsychologyHere’s what you will get, if you hire me as your Confidence Coach. I tell it like it is. From our first conversation I will pinpoint the reasons why you have lost confidence. Then, give you a very clear strategy to turn things around.

You will very quickly start to feel the surge of confidence and hope return.

My agenda is simple. I want you to breakthrough and succeed. You will no longer feel alone, with low confidence.

Remember – you could wait and hope that by magic, your confidence returns. But experience tells me that rarely happens. There is a reason why you lose confidence. I am here to help you to return to your confident best.

Here’s How To Recover Lost Confidence…

dont_be_left_ff0000So yes – My confidence coaching will help you get your confidence back. You may have thought of calling someone like me before. But maybe you weren’t sure what was involved. Or even if it would work?

Never mind what other people would say, if they found out you had been seeing a Confidence Coach! (Don’t worry – everything we do, will take place in the strictest confidence. I do not talk to the press or radio, about the work I do with my clients).

If you have never experienced the power of confidence coaching before, then I would like to offer you the chance of working with me.

The first step is to arrange an initial phone call. In this call, I will show you how to take your confidence to another level.

Here’s The Next Step…

So – here’s the chance to get your game moving forward immediately.

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