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The FA Coaching Manual Doesn’t Explain How To Rebuild Lost Confidence…

My email-box is filled on a weekly basis, with enquires from footballers. They want the answer to one of the games great riddles. ‘I’ve lost my confidence. ‘How can I get it back. ASAP!

widget_5liveRadio Five Live and Sky Sports News contact me on a regular basis, to explain, why a certain team or high-profile player has appeared to lose their confidence.

Confidence is one of the great enigmas in football. Maybe the greatest enigma. It doesn’t matter if you have been in the game all your life. There is no coaching manual, or FA course that adequately explains how to regain lost confidence.

It has remained one of the unexplained mysteries of the game. One week you have confidence – the next it’s gone. But no one seems to know why. When you lose confidence, you don’t know where your next good game will come from.

For the last twenty four years, I have been researching confidence…what it is…where it goes when we lose it…how to regain it. Studying the best-kept secrets of the worlds most confident performers in sport. For me, confidence is not an enigma.

Confidence Booster BookMy book The Confidence Booster Workout has sold over 150,000 copies, and been translated into 5 languages.

I help professional players , who turn to me to rebuild their confidence. I know why footballers lose confidence…and more importantly how to get it back.

The Top 5 Reasons Footballers Lose Confidence

1: Strikers – You Have Hit A Goal Drought…

Maybe your a striker that has always been confident in front of goal. Never really thought about the process. Just had a natural instinct for goal. And then the goals dry up. Hard to explain why. But the harder you try the worse it gets.

Then you start hoping you don’t get any chances in front of goal. Because you are dreading another miss! The coach tells you to watch a highlights reel. And that makes you feel good temporarily. But it doesn’t solve the problem.

2: Goalkeeper – Your Have Started Letting In Soft Goals…

You could write a book on the psychology of goal-keeping. Of all positions on a football pitch, it’s the one where there is the most time to think. And time to think can become time to dwell on mistakes, And thus build self-doubts.

As a goal-keeper you have to be very tuned into the game. Drop concentration for a moment, and you can be in trouble. Working with a football psychologist can help you raise your concentration levels; develop strategies for dealing with mistakes and help you mentally prepare for a game so that there are no nasty surprises on a Saturday afternoon!

3: A Negative Dressing Room…

Maybe you are a young player coming into a dressing room of senior players, Cynical…sarcastic…hard as nails...never have an encouraging word to say. They are all over any mistakes you might make.

And you can feel your confidence draining away. And there is no one to turn to. You know that you are a good player. But you’ve stopped trusting yourself. Playing safe all the time. No risks. No daring. No fun!

4: The Poor Man-Manager

Or perhaps you play for a manager who is not blessed with good man-management skills. He confuses you with the role he is asking you to play. Then gives you no feedback on how to improve when he says that you have under-performed. You then end up trying too hard which of course, simply makes things worse!

5: The Unforgiving Crowd…

There is nothing worse than playing in front of a negative home crowd. They let you know how they feel about every mistake you make, It reaches the point where you would prefer not to be on the ball, just to avoid their criticism. But you know that can’t be a long-term solution.

Here’s How To Recover Lost Confidence…

dont_be_left_ff0000So yes – My confidence coaching will help you get your confidence back. You may have thought of calling someone like me before. But maybe you weren’t sure what was involved. Or even if it would work?

Never mind what the lads would say if they found out you had been seeing a Confidence Coach! (Don’t worry – everything we do, will take place in the strictest confidence. I do not talk to the press or radio about the work I do with my clients).

If you have never experienced the power of confidence coaching before, then I would like to offer you the chance of working with me.

The first step is to arrange an initial meeting or phone call. In this call, I will show you how to take your game to another level.

If you want to start the 2019-20 season with a flourish, then this is the time to act. You know better than I do, that a positive end to the season can set up you up for the whole of the next campaign.

Here’s The Next Step…

So – here’s the chance to get your career moving forward immediately.

telephone_ff0000Option 1: CALL ME ON – (UK Callers): 077897 56425 

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Option 2: Or fill in the form below, then send it to me using the ‘Start Coaching’ button at the end of the form. You will then receive an invitation from me, via email or phone, to arrange a time to speak.

Remember – you could wait and hope that by magic, your confidence returns. But experience tells me that rarely happens. There is a reason why you have lost your confidence. The sooner we get started, the faster you will be back to your confident best.


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