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Who Motivates The Motivator?

Leadership PsychologyThese are tough times for leaders. You are expected to handle growing world-wide uncertainty, as you lead your people through this period of change, and instability whilst remaining confident, calm and assured.

Being a leader in the world of 21st century business, is a real challenge. For there is no rule book that tells you, the leader, how to lead in these new and difficult times.

Times that calls for a great instinct; a sense of courage; a clear mind, well-developed values and a supreme focus.

As you search for new ideas and ways forward, there are barriers to overcome, and lots of resistance, fear and negativity to handle. You try to bring your team with you, as they individually and collectively step out of their comfort zone.

To be an effective leader, It’s critical that you have a support network, that offers feedback and intelligence, that gives you a platform of stability, as you negotiate the rocky road of change.

This is where coaching is critical. My role as a coach, is to be there for you, as you make this journey. To help you:

  • Get clarity when you can’t see the future
  • Be confident in developing your team
  • Have a plan when you are feeling totally overwhelmed
  • Hold steady when your position is being undermined
  • Have courage when fear of failure holds sway

It probably feels like the challenges you are facing are unique to you. That’s normal. But be reassured that your not alone. All leaders experience moments, when they yearn to be back amongst the ranks. Without the responsibility of the organisation on their shoulders.

That’s the value of having a leadership coach in your corner. To help you navigate these difficult and lonely challenges.

There are so many answers to find, to so many problems. Which is fine when things are going well. When the team are winning. Or business is flourishing.

But what when they are not? When the chairman gives you that ‘look’. The ‘look’ that says, you had better know how to turn things around. Or the staff turn to you, and want answers as to how the business will turn around.

The job can become an obsession, can’t it? It can be difficult to switch off. Sleep even.

Then there’s the family. When was the last time, you and the partner went out to dinner? Or went to see a movie together?

Leadership CoachingYou may even feel guilty about switching off. About having that time. Maybe you feel that you should be working twenty-four hours a day?

And then you lose sight of the bigger picture. You get caught up in doing ‘stuff’. The strategy and vision becomes mere words on paper. The organisation or team, then starts to lose direction, and go off course. And you just don’t know how to get back on track. Frustrating isn’t it?

Why Hire A Leadership Coach?

Leadership Coaching is for managers, leaders and captains of industry. In other words, for anyone in a position of leadership responsibility.

The purpose of hiring me as a Leadership Coach, is it gives you the advantage of having someone on the outside, with no hidden agenda, only…how can I help you become a more effective leader?

The greatest potential weakness of any motivator, is being unable to ask for help when they most need to.

Remember that there is a great strength in being able to recognise when you need support, and to deliberately get that support. For what good is your stress and anxiety to your team or business?

The Top Five Areas You May Need Leadership Coaching For…

  • Communicating With Others – When a leader is struggling, its impacts negatively on the quality of communication with those around them.
  • Making Decisions – Procrastination takes the place of effective decision-making
  • Overcoming Fear Of Failure / Lost Confidence – Once fear takes hold, no one in the business dare take a risk. And morale slumps!
  • Working ON The Business not IN it – You may be busy. But doing what?
  • Finding Time For Yourself Or Family – Working long hours is not the same as working effectively. Do you feel drained, because all you ever seem to think about are problems?

Successful Business Clients

The Chicago Rock Cafe

Motivational Business SeminarsOnce a struggling high street business with huge staff turnover, where under-performance and de-motivation was the norm.

Leaders, managers and staff took Leadership Coaching on board to tremendous effect, transforming the working culture and thus the business, and the profits followed!

Unilever Port Sunlight

Motivational Business SeminarsThe creaking and dated ‘top-down’ working culture at Unilever Port Sunlight, was transformed, as the work-force were empowered to transform the factory into a place of innovation and inspiration.

Seen by the international Unilever family, as a model for how a factory based culture could be developed.

Glamorgan County Cricket Club

In the 2010 pre-season, Matthew Maynard invited me into Glamorgan. It had been a very long time since Glamorgan won a County Championship cricket match at Lords. Fifty-six years in fact.

But that stop situation was finally broken, when the Welsh side crushed Middlesex by seventy-six runs in the second game of the 2010 season.

Glamorgan then followed that success, with a dramatic two-day win at Worcester. The first time they have won a match in two days since 2002! And this is the first time that Glamorgan have won two games in April – ever!

Then Glamorgan won successive matches by an innings since 1948, and followed up that achievement by amazingly setting a world record in their next match, a stunning defeat of Leicestershire. Trailing by 125 runs on the first-innings, Glamorgan bowled The Foxes out for only 71 runs.

Then went on the get the winning total of 196 runs, without the loss of a wicket. A world-record for a team trailing by such a first-innings deficit.

Glamorgan won only two County Championship matches in 2009. In the 2010 season they won seven matches. A significant improvement.

Unilever Turkey

Leadership CoachingThe management of Unilever Turkey Food Services Division, were struggling with fear of failure, and decision-making inhibition caused by past mistakes. So they called for Leadership Coaching to help them to re-imagine the future of their world-wide business.

Empowered to think differently, and no longer burdened by fear of failure, they created an original and imaginative vision for the business that was way beyond what they had dared imagine was possible!

They brought Unilever Turkey into the 21st century, positioning themselves as leaders in their field.

Guidance Service Ireland…

Leaders of this vital support service were struggling with draconian budget cuts and other global recession based restrictions. Leading to a de-motivated workforce and a sense of powerlessness.

However, after being introduced to new Leadership Strategies, the leaders recognised that they still had the tools and resources to continue to make a difference, despite the working conditions.

The lesson from the Guidance Service Ireland is that it doesn’t matter how difficult and challenging things are. You can still do amazing work!

Eriks / Wyco

Leadership CoachingIn 2006 industrial products supplier Wyco, was taken over by Dutch engineering company Eriks.

To establish integrated thinking into the organisation, Team – Leaders from Eriks, took on Leadership Coaching, and boldly applied them into their working environments, transforming the working culture of the organisation.

Leading to a One Of Britain’s Top Employers Award for 2013!

Derbyshire County Council

Leaders were struggling with draconian budget cuts and other recession based restrictions. Leading to a de-motivated workforce and a sense of powerlessness.

However, after being introduced to Leadership Coaching, the leaders recognised that they still had the tools and resources to continue to make a difference, despite the working conditions.

The lesson from Derbyshire County Council is that you can still find ways to make a difference, even in adversity!

Her Majesty’s Prison Service HMPS

Governors from some of the UK’s most toughest prisons, took on board New Leadership Thinking, and boldly applied it into their ‘hard as nails’ working environments, transforming the culture of some of the UK most notorious prisons.

Luminar Leisure Bounces Back

Leadership CoachingSome of the UK’s top nightclubs were struggling.

Experienced ‘been there and done it’ managers were finding it hard to motivate staff, innovate and take risks in case they failed.

Taking the key lessons from the Leadership Coaching programme, the managers broke out of their well-established comfort zones, backed their entrepreneurial skills, and totally transformed their late-night entertainment businesses. taking the company share price to record levels at the same time!

Damian Hughes HR Director From ‘Unilever PLC’, Had This To Say…

Damian Hughes read my column in 442 magazine, and hired me to provide Leadership Coaching for managers and leaders, at the Unilever PLC flagship factory at Port Sunlight.

He had this to say about my work.

Martin Perry is a master of his art. He is unique within British industry. In my experience, Martin possesses the wit, courage and ability to make the spectacular happen, and to release the untapped potential that we all possess, both as individuals and within teams.

“I would encourage anyone reading this to extend an invite to Martin, share your challenge, light the blue touch paper and then stand well back and enjoy the show!

 In The Leadership Zone

The aim of my work, is not simply to help you get back on track. No, it’s much more than that. I want you to be ‘In The Zone’.

You may have heard the phrase. Sports professionals use it a lot. But you rarely hear leaders and managers talk about it.

Leadership CoachingWhen a leader is ‘In The Zone’, decision-making seems easy. Everything you do turns to gold. You feel ‘lucky’. But you know that it’s more than that.

You feel focused and relaxed at the same time. You sense that everything is in place for success. You trust your instincts, and your hunches pay off.

When we work together, this is the journey that I will take you on. Are you up for it?

We can work on any aspect of your leadership that needs transforming. My wish, is to get you enjoying your work again. I will be helping you develop simple, but hugely effective strategies, to get your leadership back on track.

I will be in your corner every step of the way, as we take your leadership to a new level.

Contact Me

Leadership CoachingSo, either call me on my personal mobile – 077897 56425. Tell me your situation, in complete confidence. From talking to me, you will quickly get an idea of how I can help.

Or fill out the form below.

You will then receive a call or email from me, to arrange a time to talk. By the end of this initial conversation, I firmly believe that you will start to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Remember – you could wait and hope that by magic, your become a better leader. But experience tells me that rarely happens.

The sooner we get started, the faster you will be on track to reigniting your leadership.


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