Running On Empty Because Of Broken Sleep? Get The Rest Your Body Craves With My Unique Sleep Audio.

Another night. It’s 2.30 am. You’re lying in bed. Exhausted. Yet still wide awake.

Your mind racing with the day’s worries. Anxieties. Unresolved issues.

Fretting about what tomorrow will bring if you don’t sleep.

The night feels endless. The more you crave sleep the harder it is to attain.

The result?

Daytime sluggishness. Irritability, Frustration.

And an increasing anxiety about the very fact of going to and getting to sleep.

Why Does Your Busy Mind Ignore The Cries Of Your Exhausted Body?

You’ve been on the go all day. Lots to do and much to think about.

You get home or finish work late.

Then need the stimulation of a movie or other online entertainment to wind down. Switch off.

The days been hard. You need some enjoyment. A way of relaxing the mind.

I’ll just watch a bit more of this…then I’ll go to sleep…

But you don’t.

You resist the ‘go to sleep’ signals.

Missing the timing. Missing the moment.

It’s Hour Zero. And Your Ignoring The Sleep Signal

The demand for stimulation over-writes the gentle un-demanding sleep prompts.

A part of you knows you’re only making tomorrow’s problems bigger by resisting sleep.

But still you scroll. Ot watch another episode. Just one more…

And all the time VITAL sleep signals are being ignored.

And vital sleep time is being eaten into.

It’s Hour Zero. The Melatonin Sleep Machine is switched on.

But you are ignoring it. And then Hour Zero passes. And you are still up!

When did this vicious cycle start controlling you?

And There Is Also…The Fear Of Going To Sleep.

What fear? The fear and dread of lying awake staring at the ceiling for hours. I mean who looks forward to that.

So guess what. You miss the natural sleep timing time to go to bed signal again.

And so our Circadian Clock becomes discombobulated.

What’s The Circadian Clock?

Every one of us has a Circadian Clock.

It’s like an internal timer, that is tuned into  the 24 hour planet- sun cycle.

This clock has evolved over thousands of years so that we humans are aligned to the natural cycles and rhythms of day and night.

And is designed to respond to the signals that tells us the day has started – sunrise.

And the signals that tells us it is time to sleep.

Sleep Tip: Upon waking, Sleep Logic says it’s wise to catch ten minutes or so of natural light, sunlight ideally.


To let the master clock, the Circadian Clock know that it’s time to switch off the flow of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Which then sets the clock to release the melatonin twelve or so hours later to prepare our mind and bodies for sleep.

Thus by this very fact our own bodies are naturally designed to be tuned in to sleep.

A beautiful system.

Why You Can’t Transition Into Sleep

Apart from the fact that our over stimulated minds confuse and discombobulate the circadian clock!

The Blue Light, from our screens and devices suppresses the melatonin production which is the key to making you feel sleepy.

So even when you’re tired, The Blue Light prevents the brain from transitioning gently into sleep mode.

Make sense?

Let’s Finally Break This Draining Stress / Sleep Cycle

Because I’ve spent the last 25 years preparing sports professionals for performance. I understand intimately the relationship between quality of preparation and quality of outcomes.

With this in mind I’ve created something special for you. Something to help deal with the challenges you’re facing with sleep.

It’s a 23 minute original Audio Journey and it’s called A Gentle Journey to A Place Called Sleep. And it’s called that for a very good reason.

You must have said it. I cant GET to sleep. Hold that thought.

Imagine that sleep is a place you are going to. It’s a destination.

And to get there, there are stops. Stations. Calling points.

Places to build your readiness for arriving at Sleep.

Which places? 

Take Back Your Night. The 5 Vital Steps To Reclaim Your Sleep.

sleep meditationSo like helping an athlete design a process to get the outcome they want, I have broken down the journey to sleep, into five critical stages.

Each one of these stages is a vital component on the journey, in either the sleep related signals they create. Or by relaxing the mind and body to make it conducive to the sleep influence.

So here are the Five Stages. You will be familiar with them all. But maybe not combined together in this unique Sleep Code Sequence

1: GRATITUDE: This is our first stop on the journey.

The quality of Gratitude before sleep, releases Serotonin, the “feel good” neurotransmitter associated with mood regulation and relaxation.

Serotonin promotes Calmness and feelings of well-being, which prepares both the mind and body for the Journey To Sleep.

Gratitude will also lower stress levels by shifting your focus from what you don’t have to what you appreciate and do have.

This is a very important first step as we retune the Circadian Clock in readiness for sleep.

2: RELEASE: This is our second stop.

Worry and anxiety can make it very difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep due to both psychological and biological factors.

Psychologically, worry keeps your mind busy and makes it hard to relax and switch off.

Constantly going over the things that are still on your mind  activates areas of the brain that trigger stress, cognition, and emotion regulation.

Not what is needed on the Journey To Sleep.

Biologically, worry and anxiety trigger the body’s fight-or-flight response, activating the sympathetic nervous system.

All of which takes you away from A Place Called Sleep. Rather than towards it,

So this is the vital second step on the journey, to clear our mind and body of sleep negating worry and anxiety.

3: OPTIMISM: This is our third stop.

Looking ahead to the day tomorrow, with optimism and belief in good outcomes increases our dopamine levels, the neurotransmitter connected to reward, motivation, and positive emotion regulation.

This gentle dopamine boost prevents the mind from descending back into The Valley Of Worry that interferes with the sleep journey.

So, cultivating optimism not only has a positive impact on your mental state but can also influence the chemical balance in your brain, contributing to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

It is also essential in moving our brains into rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep.

We Are Getting Closer To Sleep

4: CALM: Our fourth stop on our sleep journey.

This is the oasis on our path, where we really start to slow down and immerse ourselves in a state of serenity.

Calmness helps reduce stress by lowering the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

It allows the mind to move further away from Busyness, balances the nervous system and moves our mind and bodies a step closer to A Place Called Sleep.

5: LOVE: Then we arrive at “Love”— our fifth and most impactful stop.

Love wraps us in it’s warming embrace and creates Oxytocin, the “Love Hormone.”

The release of Oxytocin leads to the secretion of the Melatonin, which signals our body to start feeling sleepy and relax into a deep, restful sleep.

Thus rebalancing our Master Clock spoken of earlier.

And Now We Arrive…

SLEEP: And finally we arrive at A Place Called Sleep.

The mind quiet. The body settled. Calm. Ready to rest. Everything in place. Ready to drift into the deepest of slumber.

A feeling of Safety finally allows us to relax and drift into the sweet serenity of Sleep.

A Gentle Journey To A Place Called Sleep – Audio Sample

This sample is taken towards the end of the journey, after we have passed through the stages of The Five Qualities.


“As a person who suffers on-goingly from insomnia, I have found A Gentle Journey to Sleep to be very effective.

The focus on calming and ordering the mind before sleep is key as worry or thoughts firing off at night typically keeps a person awake.

So, all the different instructions to help resolve problems, let go of worries and to give oneself permission to sleep is a great practice to develop.

I highly recommend it to anyone trying to improve their sleep.” (Orla Kelleher. Business Consultant)


The Ten Benefits Of A Gentle Journey To A Place Called Sleep

1: You will have a sports psychologist of 25 years standing on your side, guiding you to sleep.

2: The journey will quieten your busy, over anxious mind making it easier to sleep.

2: Reduce stress and tension in both the mind and body.

3: Increase relaxation and feelings of tranquility before bed

4: Initiate the natural onset of melatonin release

5: Regulate and align your circadian rhythm for better sleep timing

6: Train your body’s cues to signal sleepiness as bedtime approaches

7: Form a positive association and relationship with the act of sleeping

8: Prevent insomnia by making falling asleep easier and faster

9: Stay asleep more consistently without disruptive middle-of-the-night wakings

10: Wake up more refreshed, energised and ready to tackle the day


The Clock Starts Now On Better Sleep

sleep meditationUncover the power of these unique audio journeys, meticulously designed to guide you step-by-step towards restorative sleep.

  • A Gentle Journey To A Place Called Sleep : The original sleep preparation audio journey. The 5 stage journey, designed to take you, step by step, to A Place Called Sleep.

iNTRODUCTORY OFFER  £19.99    £9.99


I believe that The Gentle Journey To A Place Called Sleep will be the perfect companion on your night-time journey.

But to ensure that no stone is left unturned on The Sleep Quest, I am giving you these FREE BONUSES as my mark of support.

BONUS 1: The Four Suns: Set your circadian clock with this first thing in the morning short audio journey that aligns you with morning light

BONUS 2: The Four Mountains: An evocative imagery journey that is designed to create a feeling of grounded calmness.

Ideal to listen after you have finished work to settle the nerves and bring down the mental noise and over-stimulation.

BONUS 3: Thankfulness: The Thankfulness audio is designed to be listened to towards the end of the day, with the purpose of bringing you back, close in. into yourself.

Having given to others all day it’s now time to give to yourself.

Which is a vital element in the journey to A Place Called Sleep.

I Won’t Rest Until You Do 

I am confident that the techniques in The Gentle Journey To A Place Called Sleep will help you prepare your mind and body for deep, restful sleep.

However, I understand that everyone is unique and there may be additional factors impacting your ability to fall asleep.

If after listening to the journeys and companion audios for 30 days, you find you are still struggling to get to sleep, please email me.

I want to have an open and thoughtful discussion with you to better understand what might be preventing you from achieving the sleep you need.

We can talk about your nighttime habits, sleep environment, stress levels, or any other lifestyle factors that could be interfering with quality sleep.

So, in case you still have unanswered questions…

Got Concerns? Lets Address Them…

Q1: Why should I pay for The Gentle Journey To A Place Called Sleep, when there are hundreds of free sleep meditations on You Tube?

Fair question. And yes there are unlimited sleep meditations out there.

But I guess the fact that you have read down to the bottom of the page, says that there is maybe something missing from these free Meditations.

What’s missing? The Sleep Logic. The taking you on a journey to sleep, via the critical stations of Gratitude. Release. Optimism. Calm. Love.

The journey that takes you deeper into the You of YOU.

Q2: Does The Gentle journey To A Place Called Sleep. guarantee that I will fall asleep?

Ok I’d love to say it does. But I’m taking you to A Place Called Sleep. I’m creating the best possible conditions to facilitate sleep. I’m making it as easy as possible for you to get to Sleep.

  • I can’t factor in the students downstairs partying until 4am.
  • Or the neighbours rowing.
  • Or your partner snoring so loudly that the house shakes!
  • Or if you have taken excess alcohol or drugs.

These are all factors out of my control.

This isn’t hypnosis. It’s Sleep Logic, combined with 25 years of Sports Psychology wisdom accumulated across 34 different sports. I’m preparing you for sleep, in the same way I prepare an elite level athlete for competition.

Important Note – You could wait and hope that by magic, your sleep improves. But experience tells me that rarely happens.

There is a reason why you are not sleep well.

The sooner you start preparing for The Journey To Sleep, the faster you will be back to your best version of yourself

Further Note: If you have any issues, worries or concerns about purchasing The Gentle Journey To A Place Called Sleep, then send me a text on Whatsapp on 077897 56425. I will try to address your concerns. Martin