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Rugby: Johnny Wilkinson – Take A Break

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So Johnny Wilkinson is dropped for only the second time in his career. This after being substituted during Saturday’s Calcutta Cup match at Murrayfield. Four years ago, Wilkinson carried the England team to World Cup glory. He was at the top of his game. The world’s best. But there was a price to pay for his herculean efforts. Injury followed… Read more »

Rugby: Matt Williams – Pride!

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So Matt Williams begins his Ulster career with a bang. A 38-13 victory over Newport Gwent Dragons, whetting the appetites of the Ravenhill faithful. Afterwards, the new coach, reveals that he has changed little in the Ulster playing structure, apart from the players mentality. Williams has introduced shirt ceremonies, to evoke a sense of pride in wearing the jersey. And… Read more »

Rugby: Johnny Wilkinson – Buddha!

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It should come as no surprise that a top sports professional like Johnny Wilkinson should be extending his reading. The worlds of business, art and spirituality carries many philosophies that sports professionals can apply to improve their mentalities. It is easy to see how the principles of Buddah can be effective in a sporting context. Especially the doctrine of learning… Read more »

Rugby: England – Beyond 36-0

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As England prepare to face South Africa in the World Cup final, one of the big questions being asked, is how do England put behind them the 36-0 defeat imposed on them by their opponents, a few weeks ago? Surely it will have shaken them psychologically? Surprisingly, it may turn out that the 36-0 has benefited England more than it… Read more »

Rugby: England – Supreme Belief

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The bookmakers have spoken and South Africa have been installed as 3-1 on favourites for the World Cup Final. Unbeaten in the tournament, 36-0 victors over England in the group game and beating Argentina in the semi’s with plenty to spare. Surely they justify the status of favourites? On paper – yes. But this is the World Cup Final. And… Read more »

Rugby: France – Fear Of Failure

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It was the chance of a lifetime. Hosts of the Rugby World Cup. A semi-final against a beatable England. Confidence high after beating the All-Blacks. Surely France would break through their stop situation and win the World Cup? Or at least make the final? No – this was a team that could not break free of the shackles. The shackles… Read more »

Rugby: Argentina – The Band Of Brothers

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It was noticeable from the opening game. People were talking about Argentina. Talking about their national anthem. How the players were; the sense of power; the depth of feeling; the togetherness. And so it proved. After defeats of France and Ireland, Argentina are being spoken of as potential World Cup winners. This is a group of players who have clearly… Read more »

Rugby: Ireland – Beneath The Surface

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There have been many reasons put forward for Ireland’s exit from the World Cup. Over expectation; poor tactics; rustiness; superior opposition. All the above may be contributing factors. To the observer, it appeared that the Irish lacked energy; pizzaz; dynamism; an unfettered passion that could burn off doubt. As if there was a sluggishness running through the team that cast… Read more »

Rugby: Australia – We Hate England!

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There are still group games to be played, but already Australia are cranking up the pressure ahead of a potential World Cup quarter-final with England. ‘We all hate England’. That’s from the Australian Chief Executive John O’Neill. For England this is perfect. A motivational gift has just landed on the porch. Thank you! You are hated. Great. There is no… Read more »

Rugby: Ireland – I Believe?

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It’s six days before the World Cup crunch match with Argentina and Irish centre Gordon D’Arcy is asked whether Ireland can score the four tries necessary for progression. ‘We have to believe we can’ he replies. Whilst this is reasonable comment, the notion of ‘having to believe’ doesn’t carry the same weight of power as a team who do believe…. Read more »