Rugby: Australia – We Hate England!

There are still group games to be played, but already Australia are cranking up the pressure ahead of a potential World Cup quarter-final with England. ‘We all hate England’. That’s from the Australian Chief Executive John O’Neill.

For England this is perfect. A motivational gift has just landed on the porch. Thank you! You are hated. Great. There is no problem locating the enemy then. No problem in finding someone to ram the words back down their throats. To prove them wrong. It’s like having an extra player.

Having a THEM to focus all your energy brings the US together. It instantly creates a unity amongst the US. The US is under threat from a THEM. Whatever differences existed between the US are forgotten as all internal forces are mobilised to handle the threat from the THEM. To exorcise the hate. To ensure the US does not become inveigled by the THEM.

It’s the reason why Ferguson and Mourinho worked so hard to create ‘enemies’. It gives their teams a THEM to focus on. A threat blocking their route to success. In the presence of a THEM the US should become united.

If it transpires that England beat Australia, they should thank John O’Neill for the perfect motivational speech.

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