Football Psychology: Aidy Boothroyd – Take A Break

It’s only twenty-four hours, after Aidy Boothroyd, is sacked by Watford, and his name is being linked with the vacancy at Huddersfield Town.

Whilst he may make a good manager of the Division One outfit, perhaps the best thing Aidy can do right now, would be a take a break. This talented manager, should try to avoid becoming just another manager in the never-ending football roadshow. Moving from job to job, until that bright flame of intensity diminishes.

Perhaps he could travel the world for nine months in search of new ideas, practises and theories. Then surprise everyone, by being appointed manager of a Bundesliga side. Or a team in the Italian league. To reinvent himself, and avoid being fixed with the mantle, of ‘good manager of Watford style team’.

Of course, his hunger and desire to work, may take him straight back into English club management. But, with a long career still ahead of him, he should be in no hurry. His good work at Watford, has earnt him a positive reputation.

Now he can take the time, to refresh his mind, and rediscover his sense of mission and purpose. A successful spell out of the limelight, in Holland, will enhance Steve McClaren’s reputation. Something similar, may well do the same for Aidy Boothroyd.

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