Football: Luiz Felipe Scolari – Motivating The Motivator

So Luiz Felipe Scolari will become the new head coach at Stamford Bridge. Clearly this is a man with the self-confidence, belief and communication skills to thrive on the sporting challenge laid down to him, by the powers that be, at Chelsea.

It is interesting to learn that Scolari, has used to excellent effect, the services of an eminent Brazilian sports psychologist, Regina Brandao, to help him succeed.

Regina has supported Scolari, during his time as Portugal coach, to help him get inside the mind of his international players. It’s clearly a relationship that has worked exceptionally well for Big Phil. And it is one of many areas, that a sports psychologist can help a manager or coach, gain that critical edge, to get the best, out of both himself and his team.

A good sports psychologist can help the knowledge-hungry manager, in at least ten key areas:

In creating a long-term personal vision and strategy
In his mental preparation for a game and his after-match assessments
In how he manages and controls his emotional energy during the game
In developing his decision-making and thinking
In the body language, the manager reflects to his players
In his communication skills – both with the media and in the dressing-room
To manage his personal energies, so that he is mentally and physically, on top of his game.
In overcoming setbacks and developing strength in adversity
In developing a personal philosophy
In understanding his own strengths and weaknesses
A good manager understands that they cannot be perfect, in every area of their domain. That is why it is wise, to have a top quality personal support team. Luiz Felipe Scolari is clearly a very good football strategist. With the help of sports psychologist Regina Brandao, he has become an expert in the mental game of football. This is a man who will have no trouble handling the psychological challenge, that is Chelsea FC.

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