Football: Liverpool – In The Zone

It’s twenty minutes after the end of Liverpool’s game at Fulham. And Liverpool supporters are still in Craven Cottage singing. Liverpool, after a dominant performance, have snatched it at the death. And are back on the top of the league.

It maybe, that with United reclaiming top spot yesterday, Liverpool fail to take their first League title in twenty years. But, their performances over the last month, suggest that Liverpool, are finally moving in the right direction.

For this is a team in the zone right now. When a team is in the zone, pressure increases focus, not anxiety. Players think clearly. The right decisions are made at the right time. There is no panic. Only a belief that a goal will come. Players step up and take responsibility. There is no fear of failure.

And off the field, the fans exude a strong sense of togetherness and mutuality. The players belief becomes the fans belief. And so, a cycle of belief is established.

It may be that Liverpool do not win the league this year. But, if Benitez can continue to let the shackles off, there is no reason why they can’t end their twenty year League title drought, next season. And then, perhaps, go on to become the dominant force in English football. An upwards cycle, looks like it is beginning for Liverpool FC.

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