Football: QPR – What Next?

On Saturday, Queens Park Rangers travel to Blackpool, for a Championship match. But who will be in charge of The R’s?

Two months ago, Jim Magilton was sacked after a dressing room bust-up with Akos Buszaky.

Now. its understood, that new incumbent Paul Hart is on the verge of departing Loftus Rd, after a bust up with loanee Adel Taraabt. Its an extraordinary situation. Or is it?

Nothing that comes out of Loftus Rd is surprising these days. Manager and player bust ups. It’s the norm isn’t it? Everyday football club stuff?

So why is it, that managers are taking their leave of the football club so quickly? Do the QPR players have that much power?

Maybe they do. And maybe they are taking their lead from the top. From the board. The rapid hiring and firing of managers at Loftus Rd, can only create a culture of insecurity.

And in that culture, indiscipline can easily hold sway. No manager is given time to put their mark on the football club. And so, in the absence of a persuasive leader, players assume control.

Managers will stil line up to take the post, because its a job. But it will take a man of extraordinary will, to move this insecure club forward right now.

It can be done. But it will take time. Something that no recent incumbent at Loftus Rd has been given. And it will also take changes in behaviour at all levels, if QPR are to make good the wealth of their benefactors.

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