Football: Rio Ferdinand – The Circus!

‘We became a bit of a circus in terms of the whole WAG situation’. Rio Ferdinand, speaking frankly, about the chaotic England culture, under Sven Goran Eriksson and Steve McClaren.

It’s good that a senior England international, has finally had the courage to speak out, about one of the distracting influences, that has contributed to the serial under-performance, by the national side.

It makes one wonder, though, why it is has taken so long, for this outbreak of honesty. Why were the senior England players not taking internal action, when the WAG circus began? Why did the players, not agree clear in-house rules and guidelines, pertaining to success at a World Cup or European Championship?

Ferdinand’s comments point the finger at a poorly managed regime, with weak leadership and behaviours. A regime that lacked focus, on the job in hand. And players that didn’t have the desire, or the authority, to correct these weaknesses in leadership.

It’s a damning indictment of this England team over the last few years. Leadership mistakes made, that could and should, have been spotted and corrected. Fabio Capello has had to pick up the pieces of this mess. And he will probably do so effectively. But, it comes after, what will be known, as England’s wasted years.

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