Football: Sir Alex Ferguson – The Romp!

So we understand that Sir Alex Ferguson is furious with the BBC for comments made by commentator Jonathan Pearce during Saturday’s game with Newcastle. Pearce said when Rio Ferdinand scored United’s fourth goal, ‘It’s a Manchester United romp – and they’re all getting in on the act’.

Ferguson has taken this comment to represent a dig at Manchester United’s Christmas party shenanigans. So unto itself the remark is harmless. But not for Ferguson. It’s more than a dig at United. It’s another salvo from the enemy. A sly shot from the bows in the war. The war against Manchester United.

It’s the chance for Ferguson to reinforce the presence of a powerful THEM. Forces working against his team. Forces that want to undermine United. See them fail. Whether Jonathan Pearce’s remarks are innocent or not are irrelevant. For Sir Alex Ferguson they are perfect. They reinforce his belief that there is an enemy to be fought.

The enemy serves to focus him and his troops, knowing that if they lose their intensity and competitive desire it will be a victory for THEM. That’s why they can’t relax for a moment. Never mind Arsenal and Chelsea. The real enemy is elsewhere.

That is why Sir Alex Ferguson was fuming with the BBC. It was the perfect opportunity to sharpen his team’s will to succeed. Vital currency in the race to be crowned champions again. And vital currency in the tool-kit of the shrewd leader.

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