Football: Havant & Waterlooville – Rocky!

So Havant & Waterlooville will be feasting on a Rocky diet before the trip to Anfield. It a common practise for football clubs to use motivational film to lift their players. Here are some good examples and possibilities:

Film: Bridge On The River Kwai

Scene:The British POW’s march into the Burmese camp, whistling Colonel Bogey. Their boots are falling apart, some are on crutches and the heat is blistering. Yet they are disciplined, defiant and united. They are coming in on their terms.

Message: Building team-spirit before a tough away match at an intimidating venue.

Film: Pulp Fiction

Scene:Jules and Vincent, two low rent types, have a corpse, minus a head, in a car, in the garage. The wife is expected home soon and the clock is ticking. Enter Winston Wolf. He solves problems. His unemotional, direct manner gets the job done.

Message: The Winston Wolf mindset is perfect for a team who need to learn to be clinical in finishing off opponents.

Film: The Shawshank Redemption

Scene: Whilst tarring the factory roof, jailed banker Andy Dufresene, risks his life to show hard as nails screw Officer Hadleigh, a way to save tax on his inheritance.

Message: Inspiring a player to build confidence, overcome doubts and fears when preparing to face an intimidating or more experienced opponent.

Film: The Blues Brothers

Scene: Elwood Blues’ elegant abode is blown to bits by Elwood’s jilted girl friend, as the Blues Brother’s sleep. Elwood and Jake emerge from underneath a massive pile of rubble and dust themselves down. Elwood looks at his watch and says calmly,’It’s almost 9 o’clock. It’s time to go to work’.

Message: To remind the team that, when under pressure, to remain cool, calm and focused.

Film: The Dead Poets Society

The Scene: Mr. Keating (Robin Williams) invites the students at a strict boys school, to rip out the pompous introduction to the textbook Understanding Poetry. It’s goes right against the rigid formality of the school.

Message: To be used to encourage a talented player to dare to be different and express themselves more.

Film: Black Hawk Down

Scenes: The US Army Rangers are in hostile Mogadishu as part of a UN peacekeeping operation. The Rangers constantly demonstrate the motto of ‘Leave No One Behind’ as they return to the heat of battle, to rescue injured or dead colleagues.

Message: Building an inclusive team spirit that unites all, around a common cause.

Film: When We Were Kings

The Rumble In The Jungle. Ali is taking a fearful pounding from the powerful George Foreman. In the break after round one, he looks deep into himself, and finds a unique solution to counter Foreman, the ‘Rope A Dope’.

Message: That however daunting the challenge, there is always a way to overcome the odds.

Using videos is a great tool to inspire and motivate players. Using the right piece of film at the right time can life morale and make a key point about the attitudes you want your players to have. In the psychology of sport, motivation is everything.

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