Football: Keigan Parker – Wife & Kids!

It is one of the best goals scored at the New Wembley. Blackpool’s Keigan Parker chipping Yeovil keeper Steve Mildenhall, from the edge of the box to put Blackpool into the Championship. It was widely thought that this would be Parker’s season. Blessed with pace to burn; an ability to turn a man; and an eye for goal. Surely he would be able to make the step up into the Championship.

Yet with seven games to go, Keigan Parker has scored precisely no Championship goals. And in the transfer window he turned down a move to Barnsley! On the grounds that he was being undervalued by Simon Davey. Then he was arrested for an incident in a Blackpool massage parlour.

So, next season, Parker will look to resurrect his career. He has the talent to succeed at a good level. But has he the mental strength? The deep down belief in his own ability. The recognition that he needs the mental disciplines to match his undoubted ability.

Keigan Parker would not be the first player to fail to match talent with mental application. But this season should be a wake up call for him. A reminder that nothing in football can be taken for granted.

He still has time on his side. Maybe he would be well advised to do the traditional thing and settle down with a wife and kids. Settlement off the field may well lead to success on it. But only Keigan Parker knows if he is ready for such a transition.

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