Football: Martin Taylor – Beyond Eduardo

So now that we know that Eduardo will be out of the game for twelve months. the focus shifts to Birmingham City defender Martin Taylor. Taylor has to find the mental strength and resolve to overcome the psychological effects of his late tackle. Knowing that he has almost ended an international players career.

Firstly, Taylor has to work through any guilt he may feel. Then he must analyse the tackle. If he was late, then why was he late. Was he too slow? Was his focus and concentration poor?

Once he is clear as to why his tackle was the way it was, then he must determine to improve his skill in that area. If he was too slow, then train intensely to increase his speed. If his concentration was poor, then work on building his concentration to a new level.

Martin Taylor had to suffer a very uncomfortable week-end. However, he can turn all the negativity to his advantage. Aim to emerge from this a better defender. A better player. Project to take his game to new heights. Use it as a catalyst to excellence. Turn his weakness into strengths.

Then, in years to come. Martin Taylor can look back at the Eduardo moment, as a defining moment in his career. A defining moment for the better.

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