Football: Tottenham Hotspur – Cracking The Code 2

After tonights game against Everton, Tottenham are bottom of the league. Played two – lost two. It’s no cause for alarm – yet. But it’s not what the faithful were expecting. Those expectations. How they weigh on the shoulders of this team.

Being bottom is a good place at the moment for Tottenham. The expectations may start to lift. Then these players can start to express themselves. At the moment it’s all too much. Like Stephen Ames partnering Tiger Woods. Too many people scrutinising your game. No place to make mistakes. This isn’t fun anymore.

Martin Jol has to find a way to lift the burden of anxiety. Not in the players. But in himself first. It’s a big test of his managerial temperament. If he starts to feel the increasing pressure and reacts to it, then it could be a long season for Tottenham. The players will become terrified of making mistakes and tighten up.

Martin needs to make it clear that fourth place is a manifestation of doing many things well. Team-spirit, courage in adversity, self-leadership, creativity, decision-making, communication, confidence. Get these right first. Measure the players on these qualities. The Inner Scorecard. Then the burden of anxiety will start to lift. But can Martin lift himself?

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