Sports Psychology: Leeds United – The Power Of A Cause

Football PsychologyIn a fitting tribute to the memory of Gary Speed, Leeds United put Nottingham Forest to the sword in a compelling away display at the City Ground.

If they can maintain this level of form, then Simon Grayson’s team have every chance of finally returning to the Premiership.

For what Leeds United have to fuel their promotion push is a cause. A cause is a powerful force that unites a team or group. It binds them together. The glue that creates unity.

In this case the cause is Gary Speed. The former Leeds United’s player’s death can be a unifying force. The emotional bond that creates a very clear focus for the squad. To do it for Gary.

It’s a cause that unites fans and players. The strength of raw emotions caused by Speed’s sudden death, can fuel Simon Grayson’s promotion push for the rest of the season.

This cause creates such a clear focus for the Leeds players, that it will feel like they are fielding an extra player. Every single member of the squad will have the same motive. Just ask Nottingham Forest, who were given a sound football lesson on Tuesday night.

Leeds United’s promotion credentials, were always going to come under scrutiny. Did the players have the strength of mind, to handle the high expectations demanded of them by the fans?

Now, with a cause to unite players and fans, those expectations can be chanelled. It’s not what Simon Grayson would have wanted, but his team can now pay the most fitting of tributes to Gary Speed.

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