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Golf: Nick Faldo – Visualisation!

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It’s three days before the beginning of the Ryder Cup, and Nick Faldo is busy preparing his troops. He is talking about his use of visualisation, and how to use visualisation, to prepare for that nerve jangling moment, on the first tee. Golfers rarely talk about their visualisation routines, but being mentally prepared for the first tee at the Ryder… Read more »

Golf: Greg Norman – Expectations!

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So, Greg Norman leads the field, as the final day of the The Open approaches. For three days, he has played like a man, without the burden of expectancy on his shoulders. No pressure. No demand. Only, a former champion, enjoying himself in testing, championship conditions. If he were to play with similar freedom on day four, then the Australian… Read more »

Golf: Padraig Harrington – A Champions Attitude

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With his troublesome wrist injury, causing serious doubts, as to whether he would be able to defend his title, few pundits backed Padraig Harrington, to win the 2008 Open. But after two battling rounds, the Irishman, is only three shots off the lead. What has been so impressive about Harrington, is not so much his shot-making. But more his attitude…. Read more »

Golf: The Open Championship – I Like This Weather!

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So The Open Championship commences, with 20 mph winds and heavy rain, coming in off the Irish Sea. It would be easy, for a player, to be negatively affected by these conditions. Open the bedroom curtains first thing, and groan. Drop a shot at the first, and inwardly think that things are unfair. But, the conditions, are part of the… Read more »

Golf: Graham McDowell – More Mental Strength

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You might have expected Graham McDowell, to have finished some way down the field, on day one of The Open. After all, it was only last Sunday, that he picked up a healthy winners cheque, for his Scottish Open victory at Loch Lomond. And there is the mental and emotional demand, it takes to win a big European Tour event…. Read more »

Golf: Graham McDowell – Leading From The Front

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So Graham McDowell secures his second European Tour win of the season, with a strong performance at Loch Lomond. What was so impressive about McDowell’s victory, was his display of mental strength. Three consecutive birdies, at the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth, took McDowell away from the pack, at precisely the right time. It’s at the business end of tournaments, that… Read more »

Golf: Ross Fisher – Calmness!

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‘For some reason, I felt a immense sense of calmness inside’. The words of European Tour winner, Ross Fisher, after his seven shot victory, at the London Club. Why is it that winners never say they were experiencing inner turmoil, and contradiction? As if, the inner state of calmness, is commensurate with excellence and success. Ross’ thoughts, ‘for some reason’… Read more »

Golf: Richard Finch – Focus!

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Richard Finch is leading the Irish Open at Adare Manor, as he comes to play his third shot to the eighteenth. His ball is lying awkwardly, in rough,¬†just above the water. Finch, then hits an iron shot onto the green, and as he does so,¬†topples into the River Maigue. “It was a bit of an awkward stance, but I never… Read more »

Golf: Sergio Garcia – Thanks You, Tiger!

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And I want to thank Tiger Woods for not being here,” he added with a smile. “That always makes things a little bit easier.” The words of Sergio Garcia, speaking after his seventeenth hole play-off triumph at Sawgrass. It’s understandable that Garcia would be happy and relieved after his success. For, after all, its been three years since his last… Read more »

Golf: Ian Poulter – Me & Tiger

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The trouble is I don’t rate anyone else. Don’t get me wrong, I respect everyone who is a professional. But the problem is I haven’t played to my full potential yet. And when that happens it will just be me and Tiger.” Ian Poulter talking to Golf World magazine. Comments certain to incur the wrath of his fellow professionals. It… Read more »