Golf Psychology: Rory McIlroy – Expectations!

Golf PsychologistIt’s the day before the Open Championship. And, in the absence of Tiger Woods, all the expectations are on the US Open Champion, Rory McIlroy.

For many players, this level of expectation would almost certainly result in under-performance. But not McIlroy.

This is a player who exudes self-belief. A player who, whilst leading the US Open, wasn’t just content with winning. But wanted to smash Tigers winning-margin record.

Expectations are such, that many will be looking to Rory to repeat his briliance at Congressional.

A top player thrives on these kind of expectations. Loves the fact that the eyes of the sporting world are on them. Because they know that their game is robust and stable enough, to handle those expectations.

It enhances their focus, concentration and attention to detail. They absorb the pressure and filter it into their game. In fact it can take their game to another level. As if they are aware, that there are millions of witnesses to their excellence.

Of course, if a player has any self-doubts about their game, these can also get magnified under the weight of expectations.

Right now, it’s unlikely that Rory McIlroy has the slightest hint of doubt about his game. And it’s this supreme confidence, that means that expectations going into The Open will not a burden to this spirited player.

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