Golf: The Open Championship – I Like This Weather!

So The Open Championship commences, with 20 mph winds and heavy rain, coming in off the Irish Sea. It would be easy, for a player, to be negatively affected by these conditions. Open the bedroom curtains first thing, and groan. Drop a shot at the first, and inwardly think that things are unfair.

But, the conditions, are part of the test. It means having the mental strength and attitude, that accepts the conditions, for what they are. No complaints. No wingeing. But an attitude, that says, ‘I like this weather’. The way you think to yourself, in this weather, will determine the quality of your decision-making.

It means that you remain totally committed to playing your best, whatever happens out there. For if this weather keeps up, over the four days, the Open Champion, will be the player who remains calm and focused in these testing conditions.

It means remaining patient, if you take a bogey or two. One shot; one hole at a time. For this Open test, will be in how you react to the conditions, and adversity. It means knowing that most other players are struggling. And that mental strength will be the best club in the bag.

No Open Championship can be won on day one. But we know that it can be lost. And the moment, any player starts to let these testing conditions, get to them, then they can kiss goodbye to lifting the Claret Jug, on Sunday evening.

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