Football Psychology: Ian Wright – Timings!






So Ian Wright is to step down from the Match Of The Day team.

Having turned sixty, Ian has decided that he wants to do different things on his Saturday’s.

There are life and career moments when Change comes knocking on the door.

It’s part of how we grow as individuals. It might be every seven years when new possibilities open up.

We feel these moments in different ways.

‘It’s time to move on’. ‘I need to test myself in a new way’. ‘I need a new challenge’.

Or. ‘I’m bored’. ‘This no longer satisfies me’.

But the most important thing is that we respond to the feelings we are getting.

If we don’t respond we can miss the moment.

We might fear change. Worry that it will all go wrong.

Wonder what others will think. Decide to stick with what we know.

But if we miss the moment then we might have to wait for seven years before the next big moment of change comes knocking.

And if we have missed the previous moments, this may require a big leap to get us back on track.

And if we don’t trust urselves to respond to change, this can prove difficult. As the psychology of fear holds sway.

We grow as individuals as we challenge ourselves. And change brings challenge.

Ian Wright senses that reaching sixty offers something new. He’s responded to the feeling.

And is ready for a new adventure.

Ideally at this point, into the unknown of himself. The undiscovered self.

Time passes quickly. And these moments of change can feel fleeting.

Respond to the moment. And stay in tune with your unlimited possibilities.




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