Football Psychology: Sean Dyche -Trust!

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It’s Everton manager Sean Dyche speaking after his teams comfortable two goal win at former club Burnley.

Sean has had to make formation changes to set up his team.

And has done so without any training sessions.

Why has this worked?

Because his players are now open to change.

And tellingly he goes on to add that, ‘Thats when you know you are onto somethIng. I know it!’

This is wisdom speaking. Know-how.

A man who has insights into the secrets of success.

The signs. The clues. The responses. The body-language.

The micro details of behaviour that tell you, in an instant that the players TRUST you.

This is the opposite of, ‘losing the dressing room’.

This is the dressing room that knows that you know what you are doing.

That you have solutions to problems.

And that those solutions leads to wins.

And wins build confidence.

And confidence leads to more TRUST!

Sean has just seen his team give him back everything a manager wants.

And now his confidence in himself to lead the team has just taken an exponential leap.




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