Darts Psychology: Luke Humphries – Concentration!

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It’s the World Darts Championships, and world number three Luke Humphries, is defending himself against criticism of being boring.

Luke is not one for histrionics. Emotions. Big celebrations. High energy!

The former roofer gets on with it. Darts in hand. Next throw. Tune in. Focus!

Darts at the highest level is a game of Concentration.

Get in the bubble. Stay in the bubble.

Get out of the bubble. Get back in it as quickly as possible.

This part is important. If you get out of the bubble then the longer it takes you to get back in, the more doubles you can miss.

Concentration drifts, You wonder why you are suddenly missing.

You try harder. No difference.

You have slipped out of the concentrated state. And can’t get back. And now there is a momentum shift away from you!

So Luke Humphries might be considered ‘boring’. But he understands, intuitively, that to stay in the bubble is to stay in the rhythm.

The darts flow. The doubles follow.

Once you are in the secret world, do whatever you need to do to stay there.

It doesn’t matter what they think. For they are not you!



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