Darts Psychology: Luke Humphries – Champion!

darts psychologyIt’s the seventh set at the World Darts Championships. Luke Littler is honing in on a 112 finish. For a five-two lead.

Treble 18. Treble 18. Pause. Check scores with Russ Bray. Double two? Double two. Reset. Out of rhythm. Miss.

Luke Humphries takes out 28 for 4-3.. And doesn’t look back.

Taking the next four sets to claim his maiden World Title.

It’s an unstoppable surge from the Newbury dartist that is worthy of a champion.

Sport is full of turning moments. When game dynamics change. When opportunities to wrest control present themselves.

At the Alexandra Palace, Luke Humphries saw his opponent miss a single dart for 5-2. He now has darts for 4-3. This is it.

Focus. Commit. Set!

Luke Littler shakes his head. You’re resurgent. The change is happening right there. A subtle shift in game dynamics and energy.

You have prepared for this night. And are so finely tuned for its nuances. You pick up everything that is critical information. And tune out the non-critical information.

All the preparation now creates a conductive energy field that makes you immune from fear of failure. Immune from ‘what if’s’.

It’s just You. The Darts. The Rhythm. The Target. Commit.

You are in your own secret world. And surfing the wave of the champions surge. It feels unstoppable. And it is.

Because now it feels like you can’t miss. The double bed looks enormous. Why cant it be like this every night?

Because Champions save their best for the night it matters. When every cell in your body is invested in the outcome.

Your Dreams. Practise. Projections. Goals. Disciplines. All coming together at the same point in time. Glued together by the importance. The occasion.

Your  energy field is now graced by the Champions Feeling. It’s what every player searches for. Hopes for. And you have it.

Your disciplines and process keep you contained and stop you getting ahead of yourself. Very important this. One sequence at a time.

But now everything is so clear. The Champions Feeling in The Secret World Of Champions. Special moments that the very few know.

And once you’ve tased the feeling you want it again and again.

For how alive is it possible to feel whilst being alive!

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