Racing Psychology: Jensen Button -The Comeback!

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So, seven years after retiring from Formula One. Jensen Button has returned to competitive racing.

The former champion will be behind the wheel of a Jota Porsche 963 in the World Endurance Series.

One of the interesting things Jensen said about his forthcoming return was that, ‘I am a better person when I am racing’.

It’s easy to understand what he means by that.

The very act of getting in a high performance car causes a level of focus, concentration, anticipation, decision-making and so many other elements that makes you feel alive!

How alive is it possible to feel, whilst being alive!

He is returning to do the thing that takes him to the edge of his talent.

The edge where the known meets the unknown.

Every moment new.

More energy. More buzz. More life!

So it’s no surprise that he says that. I’m a better person when I am racing’.

The post-racing glow carries into everyday life. A soul satisfaction.

A contentment that I am still doing the thing I love.

It’s a reminder to not neglect the things we love to do.

For they bring you closer to YOU. And the unique feeling of being YOU.

It may not be driving hypercars. But whatever brings you the feeling, then keep it close by.

Note: If we stop doing the things we love to do, then there can be negative side effects. From boredom, to restlessness or in some cases addictions to try to replace the missing stimuli.




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