Football Psychology: Luton Town – The Cause

football psychologyOn Saturday 16th December, the Premier League game between Bournemouth and Luton Town was abandoned after Hatters captain Tom Lockyer collapsed on the pitch.

Since then they have beaten Newcastle United. And today secured all three pints in a comeback win at Sheffield United.

And the presence of their missing captain is there for all to see.

In their goal celebrations. Togetherness. Spirit. This is a team wit a cause.

And in sport, and in life a cause can be a very powerful thing indeed.

With a cause you can move mountains.

With a cause you can go beyond what you might have been personally able to achieve.

A Cause = Power.

A cause is when you are serving something greater than yourself.

Like doing it for someone else.

Who is not there. But you are there on their behalf.

And when you have a cause you do not want to let that person down.

So…you go the extra mile. Run longer. Harder. Faster.

You have Cause Energy.

The team have Cause Energy.

You feed off each other.

And now, suddenly, everything feels possible.

A cause creates emotional fuel. And emotional fuel, when channelled correctly, is a very potent force indeed,

Luton Town will want to see their captain back in action as soon as possible.

But right now, they have one of the most powerful things in sport at their disposal.

For a team with a cause is a team that feels unstoppable!


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