Boxing Psychology: Daniel Dubois – Reassurance!

boxing psychologyIt’s mid way through the heavyweight clash in Riyadh between Daniel Dubois and Jarrell Miller.

And the American is start to look very dangerous, catching Dubois. Putting him on the back foot. And inducing looks of anxiety on Daniel’s face.

Daniel, despite winning the early rounds, could be in trouble.

Miller will sense blood here and go for a knock-out. But…it doesn’t happen.

That turns out to be the best Miller has.

Daniel isn’t put into any further trouble and closes out for the win with a stoppage in the tenth.

So what’s just happened?

Well we learn from promoter Frank Warren post-fight that Daniel’s father David got moved from ringside to the corner, mid-fight.

Smart move from the Hall of Fame promoter.

David Dubois is Daniel’s reassurance. He is the guidance. The point of stability.

The voice Daniel knows and recognises in moments of turbulence.

Daniel now knows what to do. How to do it. And when to do it.

And all is well.

Reassurance is close by and he can now relax into his work.

The unknown has become the known.

In moments of doubt. Uncertainty. Anxiety. We all need anchor points that give us the resources we need to get through the crisis point.

Sometimes we can find it internally. Sometimes it’s external.

And Daniel Dubois found his tonight. From the man in the blue suit!


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