Boxing: Gary Lockett – The Anger Zone!

”But what I can’t believe is that they’ve got nothing to judge me on, I can’t believe people are writing me off before I start”. The words of Welsh middleweight Gary Lockett, ahead of this week-ends showdown at the Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, with Kelly Pavlik.

Lockett is referring to the fact, that the American fighting public have dismissed his chances of defeating Pavlik, out of hand. He goes on to say that, ”There’s no greater motivation for me and there’s nothing more dangerous than a guy with nothing to lose.”

This doesn’t mean that Gary Lockett is going to win. But it means that he can draw on his hunger and desire; his warrior spirit; his total and utter determination, to prove a point.

There is nothing more dangerous than a boxer who is wounded or angry. If Lockett can channel that anger correctly, it can become a potent and lethal force, in his favour. It can give him an extra 5% oif power and energy to draw on.

And take him into the ‘anger zone’. A place deep within, where he will feel no pain; where he will block out all distractions; where he will be able to draw on seemingly inexhaustible supplies of energy and stamina.

You can only enter the ‘anger zone’, when you are forced there. When you feel a sense of wrong or injustice. Where your personal values are triggered.

Of course, Kelly Pavlik may simply have too much class for Gary Lockett. But, if Pavlik underestimates the Welshman, he will create a window of opportunity for the hungry underdog. A window of opportunity, that a man with a point to prove, will gratefully seize.

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