Football: Sir Alex Ferguson – The Them!

Football Psychology‘He would never have done this for us’. The words of Sir Alex Ferguson, describing referees chief Keith Hackett, after John Terry’s red card was rescinded.

With the Premier League and Champions League double, to defend this season, it’s critical that the United manager can find some edge. Edge, that will keep his players on their toes. Prevent complacency from setting in.

The John Terry incident, provides the perfect early season opportunity for that. A chance to point the finger at the dark forces, conspiring against his team. The THEM. Those who would love to see Manchester United fail. Be it the BBC; Referees; Arsene Wenger; The FA.

All become a potential enemy. The THEM, that allows Ferguson to create a united US. The more powerful the THEM, the stronger the US becomes. It’s a strategy Ferguson has used successfully for years. And there is no reason that he should stop now.

The THEM draws the US together. All players want to be part of the US. This strategy also drives out internal cliques and division. Its simple. Its straightforward. And it works year, after year.

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