Tennis: Andy Murray – Breakthrough!

So Andy Murray is through to his first major final. The critics may point to the fact that Rafael Nadal’s demanding season, had drained him of some of his legendary potency. But Murray still had to beat the Wimbledon champion. And Nadal, was not going down without a fight.

What was impressive about Murray, was that he had his emotions under control. Perhaps his Wimbledon quarter-final epic against Richard Gasquet, had been the critical turning point.

Now, no longer having to fight the demons inside him. The Scotsman, appeared free to express himself, without fear of failure haunting him.

Trusting in his game. Accepting mistakes. Going for his shots, fully and totally. The powerful self-image of a winner, holding sway. His emotions working for him, not against him.

His self-control allowing him to stay focused and concentrated on the job in hand. Not on matters of perceived injustice, or the negative demands of self-perfectionism.

In some ways it is secondary if Murray beats Federer. For, right now, he has overcome the toughest battle of them all. He has won the inner battle. The battle that seemed to rage inside him.

If Andy Murray can continue to channel his emotional energy in the right way, then it is inevitable, that he will win some of the games top prizes.

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