Golf: Padraig Harrington – The 1%

It’s day two of the Open Championship and Padraig Harrington is in contention. There are many who think that this could be his year. A course he knows well and he’s bang in form. The omens are good. There is every chance that the Irishman will be there or there abouts on Sunday evening. But can he make the transition from European Order Of Merit Winner to Open Champion?

For Harrington to breakthrough into the domain of Major winners he will have to tap into the 1%. The 1% is a place beyond hard-work. A place beyond solid technique. A place beyond good visualisation work. It’s a place only the elite few experience.

You cannnot get there by trying. Or effort. Or demanding it. Absolutely not. The 1% is a place of trust. A place of inner quiet. A place where doubt does not exist. A place where you are totally at one with the golf course. At one with your game. At one with the moment.

In the 1%, you almost forget you are playing for the Open Championship. You are so absorbed by the task in hand. You know when someone is in the 1%. Their face looks calm. Almost serene.

It’s a state where the player is no longer playing the game. The game is playing the player. For this, deep trust is called for. Under Majors final day pressure, many players fight for control. For those who surrender this control and trust their game, the 1% beckons.

Can Padraig Harrington make that leap of faith?

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