Snooker Psychology: Si Jiahui – Learning!

It’s the last sixteen of the World Snooker championships at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield.

And rising Chinese star Si Jiahui is about to enter the arena to complete his match against Robert Milkins.

But before that he has to negotiate an interview with MC Rob Walker.

Walker asks Si directly how he is dealing with the pressure of The Crucible. The Home of Snooker.

Si, through his interpreter, answers that he is under and feels no pressure. Why? Because he is here to learn. Not here to win.

It’s a not normal approach.

Most snooker professionals would come to win. Then add up the critical learning afterwards.

Thus its not surprise that Si Juahui has been one of the stars of the tournament so far.

He is playing with a sense of freedom and fearlessness that is allowing for big breaks and clearances.

The learning mindset liberates you from the burden of expectancy and pressure to perform.

If adopted with discipline it allows you to assess your mistakes calmly and accurately. And not get too caught up in the drama of over reacting to things when they go wrong.

And this added calmness bring about a deeper quiet, as anxiety and worry no longer threatens your concentration and focus.

Leading to, of course, and exponentially greater chance of winning. Free from the burden of winning. Winning being a consequence of your freedom to play.

Si’s approach is refreshing.

It may not win him the World title this year. but his progress shows what is possible when you adopt learning as a priority and motivation.

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