Swimming Psychology: Adam Peaty – Happiness!

Three times Olympic Gold medallist Adam Peaty has been speaking recently about some of the challenges he has been facing, mentally and emotionally that have led him to battles with alcohol and depression.

Leading to a realisation that ‘A gold medal won’t bring me happiness’.

This is a major realisation from an elite athlete.

For virtually every performer at the top level is. focused on one thing – Winning!

Winning becomes the be all and end all of your existence.

It is the reward for all your work. Discipline. Sacrifice.

But what if that is switched around?

The focus of your work, the reason why you do it, is not on winning.

But on Happiness! Joy! Satisfaction!

A focus on the feeling you are getting whilst you do what you do.

Of course you desire to win.

But what if Winning is a consequence of your Happiness?

What if Winning is a consequence of your Joy?

What if Winning is a consequence of your Satisfaction?

In other words you change your focus.

And let Winning come to you, instead of chasing it!

And remember – Winning can be a consequence of a radical shift in thinking!



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