Sports Psychology: Rebecca Adlington – Fear Of Failure!

Swimming PsychologyThe London Olympics are fast approaching, and swimming gold medallist Rebecca Adlington is nervous. Rebecca is one of the poster girls for the Olympics. A public figure and focal point for the nation’s expectations. Expectations that can become a massive burden.

Expectations that can lead to fear of failure. And when fear of failure holds sway, then under-performance can easily follow.

For a champion like Rebecca Adlington, handling the burden of expectation is a familiar feeling. And one she should embrace like a champion.

She admits to feeling scared ahead of the upcoming trials. And thats ok. A fear of failure can be used to propel a performer to greater heights of focus, concentration and desire.

The key is to channel the uneasy feeling into your discipline. Yes I’m frightened of failing. So, what’s my plan to prevent failing?

How do I want to start the race?
What should my focus be on as I stand on the block, waiting for the gun?
What are the signs to watch out for, that may suggest fear of failure is holding sway?
How do I relax when I feel those feelings?
How does fear of failure affect my breathing?
How does it affect my concentration and focus?
The knowledge of how fear of failure affects you is invaluable. That way you can take steps to prepare for it. And perform through it if it happens upon you mid-competition.

That’s what champions do. They handle fear of failure and fear of success better than their rivals. Expect Rebecca Adlington to do so too!

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