Cricket: Lancashire – History Repeating Itself

So, a year on after their last defeat to Scotland, Lancashire are beaten again. Another defeat in the Friends Provident Trophy at Old Trafford. This time by two runs.

At one point, Lancashire, with internationals Loye, Law. Flintoff and Yousuf in their line-up, were reduced to 44 for 7. Only Kyle Hogg saved them from total embarassment.

So, how is it, that a county like Lancashire, with aspirations for top honours, can be defeated by Scotland, two years running?

Clearly, familiarity can play a part. Players assume they only have to turn up to win. Focus and concentration can become dispersed, if mental preparation is inappropriate and opponents have not been afforded the right level of respect.

Or if the game isn’t given the right amount of significance by the management. If a team are working towards agreed short, medium and long-term goals, then every match, every training session, is a potential step towards achieving those goals. And needs to be treated as such. Prepared for as such.

If there is a casualness abroad in a team, or a lack of alignment with management, then players can become tempted to do their own thing, and not be concerned about the consequences of defeat.

Whatever happened to Lancashire yesterday at Old Trafford, this defeat to Scotland can serve as a wake up call. For this underachieving county, it’s surely time to resolve the issues that have constantly undermined success.

They have the talent to deliver the silverware to the members. But do they have the resolve, the team-spirit and the will, to make good their unfulfilled promise?

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