Football: Avram Grant – Show No Pain

“I’m in charge. Please, you need to respect my professionalism. You didn’t behave too nicely. Now I don’t respect you too much because we lost one game and you’ve taken it too far. I don’t like it. You hurt my players, you hurt the club and this is not the right way.” The words of Chelsea manager Avram Grant at today’s press conference.

Whilst Avram’s frustration is understandable, this may not be the best way for him to proceed. If your feelings are hurt, don’t show it. Keep your emotions back to share privately with those who understand you. If the press smell weakness, they will exploit it. Ruthlessly. Weakness in leaders sells newspapers.

Avram’s seriousness and reflective character, make him an easy target. As a leader, he needs to know that. This is how the game works. He needs to rise above the ebb and flow of personal feelings and put on a leaders face. Born out of a mindset that will not show weakness in public. Don’t fight the press. They will fight back. Until they win.

There are some who feel that Avram Grant is not up to the job of leading Chelsea after Jose Mourinho. Avram must learn quickly, not to give those detractors more easy ammunition to fire at him. It will simply make his job more difficult. And right now, he needs all the support he can muster. It’s time for the leader to think clearly under pressure. Less emotion. More mental clarity.

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