Football: Michael Owen – Stare Down The Beast

‘The game against Blackburn this Saturday, is one you look at and think Newcastle at home should be getting something out of it. If we can do that, we can get a bit of confidence. We then play Liverpool, and after that we have got a few games that are winnable’. The words of Newcastle United striker Michael Owen.

Owen’s thoughts reveal the lack of confidence that is undermining Newcastle’s season. Like a gambler on a losing run, the belief is ‘one-win and all will be well’. It’s a mind-set of hope. But hope is not enough. Hope lacks the power to reverse a losing streak.

Newcastle have to take close stock of their situation. Highly paid players unable to buy a result. There may be a transition period, as Kevin Keegan’s methods bear fruit, but the players must also take responsibility for their outcomes. Now, perhaps, it is time for the quiet man, Michael Owen to lead.

Time for him to draw on his years of experience. To show the way forward. Lead by example. Inspire the others with his belief. His natural confidence. His refusal to accept second best.

No more hoping for a result. But, personally deciding that they, the players of Newcastle United, are going to make it happen. By their hands they will turn this situation around. Be decisive. It is time to stare down the beast of fear.

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