Golf: Sergio Garcia – I Believe

It’s day two of the Open and Sergio Garcia has a two shot lead. Garcia backers are starting to think they may at last get some return from their yearly investments. But it may not be straightforward.

Following his even par round Garcia said, ‘I just have to keep playing well and believing’.

Belief is the boiler room of the sub-conscious. It directs how you feel about yourself. It provides the power that leads to breakthrough. Sergio’s comments intimate that belief is something he has to work on. Keep reminding himself. Telling himself that he can be Open Champion. That he is worthy of it. That his game is good enough.

Being Open Champion means that you are no longer just one of the lads. One of the crowd. You stand alone. Better than the rest. No longer a boy. But a man. For others to shoot down. Surely being in the chasing pack is more fun?

Doubts can be subtle. To win the Open would mean to emulate Seve. Can I emulate Seve? Surely Seve stands alone. But now that Seve’s retired…

Garcia has the game. He has the talent. But the question remains unanswered as to whether he has the deep down full-on belief in himself. The belief that he is worthy of the crown. We will know tomorrow. And so will Sergio.

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