Cricket Psychology – Who Picks The Leicester Team?

There is nothing more fascinating for the sporting public, than a row to break-out from within a teams dressing room. Where matters that should be private and confidential, enter the public domain.

In this case, its the Leicester CCC captain Matthew Hoggard and coach Tim Boon, in a spat with county chairman Neil Davidson.

Davidson has apparently, been interfering in team affairs. Hoggard and Boon want him to stand down. The chairman cites poor results as a valid reason for his concern re team selection. It’s a mess.

There is no unity, collectivity or mutuality on display at Grace(less) Rd. Somehow, roles and responsibilites have become very blurred.

Its right that the chairman is concerned about results. But how he expresses those concerns should be between him and the cricket selection group.

Why are the team under-performing?
What plans are in place to turn results round?
Is there evidence those plans are working?
What time-frames are in place to see an improvement?
Thus analysis becomes the order of the day, not emotion. That analysis shoud reveal weaknesses that must be turned into strengths. And a clear plan to do so.

Emotion cannot solve these problems. It fires egos and blurs the truth. Leadership is about seeing clearly the reality of any given situation, and acting decisively when needed.

Clearly things are wrong at Leicester CCC. This public row has revealed in-house leadership issues, that shows a serious mis-alignment against a common purpose.

Perhaps, out of this seething bitterness, the captain, coach and chairman, can determine a better way for working on behalf of Leicester CCC. For that is who they serve. Not themselves!

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