Darts: Wayne Mardle – Disrespect Me!

It’s the pre-match interview, and Wayne Mardle, is discussing his forthcoming encounter, with Robert Thornton. Sky Sports Helen Chamberlain, reminds Mardle, that pundit Rod Harrington has queried which Mardle will turn up tonight. Mardle the Entertainer? Or Mardle the Darts Player?

Mardle seems none too impressed, when the question is put to him. As if, somehow, his professionalism is being called into question. So, it’s no surprise when Mardle turns in an inspired performance, to counter the threat of Robert Thornton.

Mardle seems able to channel, all his considerable energy into his darts. And drawing from the crowd, raises his game to a level, that is just too much for Thornton. If he can maintain this gold standard, then he could become World Champion. But the question is, will he be able to?

There is nothing better for a sports professional, than to prove a point. To ram the words down someone’s throat. To have a visible enemy to fight. It allows them to focus their energy, and sustain their performance. As Mardle appeared to do.

The challenge now, is for Wayne Mardle to continue to use Rod Harrington’s comments, as motivation. To have the desire to prove the pundit wrong again. To not rest, until he has secured the World Championship crown. The pundit’s comment, has to hurt, and hurt deep.

It would be easy to think, that he has already proved his point. But that would be a mistake. When there is such good motivational fuel to draw on, you have to sustain the desire to prove someone wrong, for as long as you can. This, of course, is one of the secrets of champions!

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