Football Psychology: Barcelona – In The Presence Of Beauty!

Football PsychologyThey were under pressure. Questions were being asked. Defeats to Real Madrid, plus the two goal loss in the San Siro, had caused the critics to doubt Barcelona’s ability to progress further in The Champions League. But what do they know?

When the best in the world are put under pressure in any sport, you see what they are really made of. The external doubts cause a gathering of internal focus and resolve, leading to a powerful desire to prove a point. Talent + Motivation = An Irresistible Force!

Thus Milan were swept aside. This was no ordinary win by Barcelona. It was an ‘all in it together’ team display that encapsulated everything about what this famous club stand for.

In the early 1960’s Bill Nicholson was manager of the double winning Tottenham Hotspur side. He understood that football was a means to give expression to the quality of Glory. In other words, that the football club and team represented peoples unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

That the urge was to give those people something special to experience and remember, that was way beyond the mediocrity of everyday life. A feeling of Glory! The club; the team; the fans. The Golden Triangle.

And so it was with Barcelona at The Nou Camp last night. Football played with a special freedom and flow. Football that raised the spirits.

And isn’t this what great sport should be about? That the individual or team represent qualities and values that uplift the experience for the audience. Thus by being in the presence of that individual or team, the witnesses are connected to the best of what it is to be human. And thus take those qualities into their own life/business/activities so that a beautiful transference is created! The Barcelona Effect!

AC Milan tried to be well organized opponents for the Catalan giants. But in the presence of a greater human force, organization is simply not enough. It was a night when the forces of good prevailed!

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